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BENNETT: Salò 2016, Or Sadists At the Poll

DVD STACKS, LAUINGER LIBRARY— I have been delaying a column on the election for some time now. I wanted to see who the real players were going to be. But now, following Trump’s March on Rome — no, Cleveland — it seems appropriate to address how a racist authoritarian demagogue[Read More…]

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Pro-Cannabis Legalization Groups Protest Outside White House

Pro-Cannabis Legalization Groups Protest Outside White House

This weekend, the District’s marijuana advocates gathered at the White House in protest while smoking marijuana on federal property. Protest organizers boasted that Saturday’s public mass-smoking demonstration was an act of civil disobedience. D.C. Cannabis Campaign Chairman Adam Eidinger led the protestors. The campaign drafted Initiative 71, which legalized personal[Read More…]

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BENNETT: Drug Warped (Please Dope Responsibly)

THE EDGE, HISTORY- Greetings from the frontlines of the Drug War. No, not the War on Drugs, which has come to exemplify everything bad about American governance. From the racism of sentencing disparities between white drug users and those of color, or the undue influence of corporate money in politics[Read More…]

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BENNETT: Is It OK To Be a Faust Today?

The other day I posited a revamped version of the Faustian Question to a friend as a thought experiment. You may be familiar with the story, or at least its more well-known neologism, the Faustian Bargain. The tale of Dr. Faust — sometimes Faustus — told and retold dozens of[Read More…]

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BENNETT: Redefining Sex in the 21st Century

It has been said that an intellectual is someone who has found something better to think about than sex, so call me a proud philistine. Not only does thinking about sex matter, but it matters more to humanity than sex in itself. There are many instances of the damage wrought[Read More…]

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GUSA Rejects Divestment Referendum

The Georgetown University Student Association senate rejected an initiative that would have created a student referendum of support for GU Fossil Free’s divestment goals on Sunday evening, citing a need to prioritize other issues on campus, such as sexual assault policy reform. The proposal is the second time GUFF has[Read More…]

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GU Fossil Free released a petition in January 2013 in support of diverstment that has garnered more than 2,000 signatures.

Fossil Free Seeks Referendum, Again

GU Fossil Free announced Tuesday that the Georgetown University Student Association will consider holding a student-wide referendum on whether the university should fully divest its holdings from the top 200 fossil fuel companies on the executive ballot vote in February, marking its first proposal for a referendum since 2013. GUSA[Read More…]

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Book Review: ‘Submission’

★★★★☆ Michel Houellebecq’s newest novel, “Submission” has already made gigantic waves in France as perhaps the most controversial book of the year. The novel, which revolves around a democratic Islamic takeover of France, was published in French on Jan. 7, the same day as the Charlie Hebdo shooting. Houellebecq was[Read More…]

GU Fossil Free, pictured here at a protest on January 16, circulated a letter written by an alumnus calling for the university to divest.

Fossil Free Alum Effort Lags

GU Fossil Free published and circulated an open letter written by an anonymous alumnus calling for the university to divest its endowment from the top 200 fossil fuel companies, amassing one signature as of press time. The group published the letter on its website Oct. 9. It is the first[Read More…]

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University President John J. DeGioia discussed Pope Francis’ encyclical with Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday.

GU, Google Hold Energy Summit

Georgetown and Google co-hosted Secretary of State John Kerry’s Climate and Clean Energy Investment Forum on Oct. 20 and 21, gathering federal officials and executives from both the public and private sectors to discuss clean energy initiatives nationwide. Conference highlights included a fireside chat between Kerry and University President John[Read More…]

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