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Storied Statues Reveal Georgetown’s History

Walking across Georgetown’s campus, it is easy to notice subtle relics of the university’s rich history — statues and memorials are woven between modern buildings and dormitories, occupying an important space in daily student life. Though dozens of other bronze- and stone-cast figures decorate the Hilltop, few Georgetown students know the[Read More…]

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Friendship in Bloom: The Symbolism of Cherry Blossoms

Friendship in Bloom: The Symbolism of Cherry Blossoms

On March 27, 1912, two women stood in West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C., and planted the first two cherry blossom trees in the United States. These two women, former first lady Helen Herron Taft and Viscountess Iwa Chinda — wife of the Japanese ambassador — planted the first of[Read More…]

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Settling in Seoul: Soul Food in Streets of Seoul

While the Southerner in me misses her sweet tea, buttermilk cornbread and made-from-scratch macaroni and cheese, the transition to eating Korean food has not been a difficult one. In fact, I’m not sure how I’ve gone my whole life without having kimchi at every meal, and I do not know[Read More…]

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SETTLING IN SEOUL: Breathing Fresh Air In Busan

Over the nearly two months I have been in South Korea, it is safe to say I have settled into a routine. I have a list of my favorite restaurants, my favorite places to shop and places I now know to avoid. With coursework and looming midterms, it is easy[Read More…]

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Settling in Seoul

The experience of black people in Korea was one of the things I researched most while preparing to study abroad in Seoul. While most comments were positive, I could not help but feel anxious as a result of the few horror stories I had read: unauthorized touching and grabbing, blackface[Read More…]

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Column: Settling in Seoul

When I first arrived in Korea, it did not really feel all that different. While in the months prior I had been overcome by nerves and anxiety, the night before I left, I was strangely calm. Even after I arrived at Incheon International Airport after more than 19 hours of[Read More…]

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‘Abissa’ Showcases African Fashion, Culture

The African Society of Georgetown will be hosting their eighth annual cultural showcase, “Abissa,” tonight in Lohrfink Auditorium, featuring Ethiopian dance performances and spoken word poetry alongside an exhibition of both traditional and modern African fashion. With the theme of “From Dakar to Nairobi,” this year’s fashion show showcases ikuru,[Read More…]

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After the event, Alice Sheppard, left, and professor Libbie Rifkin engaged in a question-and-answer session, touching on Sheppard’s experiences as a choreographer.

Promoting Disability Activism Through Dance

Dancers often infuse their performances with social and political undertones. This expressive ability was demonstrated by Alice Sheppard during her performance at the Davis Performing Arts Center on Monday night, which intertwined speech and choreography to invoke a unique conversation about the stigma of disability in art. The piece, titled[Read More…]

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One Desk, 31 Years

Jasmine White Hoya Staff Writer It was 1984, spring semester. Kevin Cuddeback (CAS ’87) lay underneath the desk in his tiny Darnall Hall bedroom, etching a message — a legacy. “Oh, kindred spirit lying on your back it is not imagination but originality you lack,” he carved into the dark[Read More…]

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Comment Section on ‘One Desk, 31 Years’

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