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Movie Review: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

★★★★★ With Marvel Studios, it seems like the third time is the charm. The third Captain America movie, “Captain America: Civil War,” pitted beloved superheroes against each other in an epic clash of morals and personal feuds, and the third Iron Man movie, “Iron Man 3” was Marvel’s most personal,[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘American Assassin’

★★★☆☆ American Assassin is an origin story, and it starts as such at the very beginning. Like many beginnings, it sets a happy scene: Mitch Rapp, played by Dylan O’Brien, romps on the beaches of Ibiza, Spain with his girlfriend — and soon after, fiancee — Katrina, played by Charlotte[Read More…]

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Restaurant Review: Boulangerie Christophe

Restaurant Review: Boulangerie Christophe

1422 Wisconsin Ave. Washington DC 20007| Cuisine: French | $$ |★★★★☆ Founded by a father and son from Saint-Tropez, France, Boulangerie Christophe is a charming French bakery and restaurant on Wisconsin Avenue, a short 10-minute walk from the front gates. The first floor is a casual cafe, serving light lunch[Read More…]

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Movie Review: The Handmaiden

Movie Review: The Handmaiden

Set in the 1930s during the Japanese occupation of Korea, “The Handmaiden” — selected to compete for the Palme d’Or, the highest prize at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival — is a stunning film. From its gorgeous cinematography to its impressive cast, the newest film from Director Park Chan-wook is[Read More…]

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I Saw the Light

I Saw the Light

In January 1947, Hank Williams’ mother Jessie Lillybelle Skipper was driving her son back from a performance in Fort Deposit, Ala. Williams, drunk and asleep in the backseat, awoke to his mother’s declaration that she “just saw the light” of Montgomery in the distance. “I Saw the Light” would become[Read More…]

The gluten-free, fast-casual eatery, The Little Beet, allows customers to mix and match flavorful and nutritious dishes filled with wholesome fruits and vegetables.

The Little Beet: A Serving of Sweet Simplicity

The call for healthy and delicious fast food is getting louder, and the new fast-casual eatery, The Little Beet, has answered. Located at 1212 18th St. N.W. the restaurant is a convenient five-minute walk from Dupont Circle. The first branch of a popular restaurant concept outside of New York, The[Read More…]

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Rachel SKAAR FOR The Hoya
From left to right, Megan Howell (COL ’18), Connor Rohan (COL ’16), Gabe Bolio (SFS ’18) and Marcus Lustig (COL ’19) of the Georgetown Improv Association

Improv’s Big Night Out

When the nine members of Georgetown Improv Association gather on Monday nights, it’s not to hang out with friends — as much as it may seem like it. The chemistry is obvious. As the members — Connor Rohan (COL ’16), Joe Luther (COL ’16), Gabe Bolio (SFS ’18), Alex Mitchell[Read More…]

Signature Seafood Off the Coast

Signature Seafood Off the Coast

Although the Washington, D.C. area is not known for its seafood options, Yummi Crawfish is a moderately priced seafood restaurant within a short walk of the Georgetown campus. A relatively new location, opened in September 2014, Yummi Crawfish is a solid establishment for Cajun-style cuisine. The exterior of Yummi Crawfish[Read More…]

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The much-anticipated salad restaurant, Hilltoss, is gearing up for its grand opening. Preview tastings suggest that The Corp is turning out fresh salads that satisfy in a convenient location.

Corp’s Salad Venture Satisfies With Healthy Options

★★★☆☆ $ The Corp’s latest venture, Hilltoss, is by no means a new concept at Georgetown — Hoyas already frequent Salad Creations and Sweetgreen for their made-on-the-spot salads. Quick-service salad restaurants like these employ the same basic system: the customer chooses the ingredients and watches as they’re tossed together. It’s[Read More…]

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Movie Review: ‘Horns’

Movie Review: ‘Horns’

★★★☆☆ Daniel Radcliffe returns to the big screen in the new movie “Horns,” a twisted rendition of Joe Hill’s dark novel from 2010. Packed with symbolic imagery both obvious (Radcliffe does, in fact, start growing a pair of horns) and subtle, the film is an original take on the familiar[Read More…]

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