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Balancing Culture and Morality

My host father was surprised when I explained where I had gotten the recipe for the French toast I had just made. “Men cook in the United States?” Here in Senegal, men don’t cook. They also don’t clean the house, do the laundry or care for young children. My host[Read More…]

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Youth Skeptical of Government

Though college students are often involved in volunteer work and online political activity, they continue to distrust the federal government, a recent survey conducted by Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government said. According to the survey, the percentage of college students who said that they do not trust the federal[Read More…]

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Gluten-Free Group Grows

When Carly Silverwood (MSB ’14) toured Georgetown as a prospective student in the spring of 2010, a dietitian mentioned a gluten-free student group she could join, but by the time she enrolled in the university in the fall, no such group existed. So, she decided to start her own. Gluten[Read More…]

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New Hilltop Group Opposes Noise Law

Student resistance against the recent amendments to the noise law escalated when members of Georgetown Student Government Association created the new Stop Crime Not Parties movement. Members of the organization have created an anti-noise law website, ordered 100 lawn signs and hope to meet with city officials including Mayor Vincent[Read More…]

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DPS Fills Liaison Position

The Department of Public Safety has selected Talib Abdur-Rahim as their new crime prevention coordinator. The position, which was created in 2009, focuses on community policing and nontraditional methods for solving crime problems, according to InterHall General Assemblyman Dalvin Butler (COL ’13). Abdur-Rahim said that he hopes to create positive[Read More…]

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Tuesday Fire Results in Injuries, Heavy Damage

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ANC Counters Campus Plan

The Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2E released a draft of its report in opposition to Georgetown’s 2010 Campus Plan Wednesday, recommending that the university address issues of undergraduate enrollment and off-campus student life. The draft resolution’s introduction reiterates the commission’s opposition to Georgetown’s plan, which has been the subject of tense[Read More…]

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Residents Come Back to Class

Since its inception, enrollment has steadily increased in classes offered by the Georgetown University Learning Community. But these are no ordinary students. The program provides low-price courses to area residents over the age of 55. This semester, between 60 and 70 students are enrolled in the GULC compared to only[Read More…]

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Burleith Resident Reports Burned Anti-Campus Plan Signs

Signs opposing Georgetown’s campus plan were found burned on the front steps of a Burleith residence Monday morning. Glen Harrison, a resident of 3726 T St., found the signs at about 11 a.m., but said that his neighbor had already seen them around 8:30 a.m. He estimated that the incident occurred between 11 p.m. Sunday[Read More…]

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Bed Bug Fever Sweeps Conference

The Georgetown Hotel and Conference Center was invaded by bed bugs this week, but only through photographs and speeches. Experts from government agencies and universities gathered on the Hilltop on Feb. 1-2 to discuss research on bed bugs and steps that should be taken to tackle the mounting problem at the[Read More…]

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