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Startup Delivers Just Enough Sports News

When Tommy Schmitz (COL ’07) first began brainstorming his sports-related startup, he settled on an unusual target: those least interested in sports. The resultant Enough Sports, which launched this year, provides daily sports news in two minutes or less, envisioned with the intent of aiding interviewees and filling awkward silences.[Read More…]

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After the success of last year’s Financial Markets Conference, the conference will be held for a third time, with policy makers convening to discuss current global financial issues and potential solutions.

Conference Addresses Financial Trends

On Sept. 16, the McDonough School of Business Center for Financial Markets and Policy will host its third annual Financial Markets Conference, in partnership with the Financial Times. The conference will allow attendees to gain insight into the current market environment, as well as offer networking opportunities to students. “This[Read More…]

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Peter Fanone (COL ’15) performs at Kickback, a music festival sponsored by The Corp and Welcome Week on Sept. 1. The groups have not yet decided whether they will hold the festival next year.

After Successful First Run, Corp Unsure If Kickback Will Return

This Labor Day saw the debut of Kickback, a music festival featuring professional and student acts, sponsored by Students of Georgetown, Inc. and Welcome Week. Although a final ticket sale count is still being calculated — finalized information will not be made available to the public — the number of[Read More…]

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From the MSB to BuzzFeed

From the MSB to BuzzFeed

According to Greg Coleman (GSB ’76), he’s the luckiest man in the world. And with successful careers at Yahoo, Reader’s Digest, The Huffington Post and Criteo, a personalized retargeting company, behind him, the new president of Buzzfeed — responsible for the management and growth of all business sections — may[Read More…]

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Hilltoss Faces Delayed Opening

Last spring, The Corp’s newest endeavor, The Hilltoss, debuted at the Georgetown University Farmer’s Market. A response to student demands for healthier options on campus, the salad and smoothie storefront will open Nov. 1. While originally scheduled to open in conjunction with the Healey Family Student Center on Sept. 5,[Read More…]

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The library at Pembroke College, Cambridge University

The Value of Independent Imagination Reclaimed

Whether you’re working on a screenplay, a novel or creative nonfiction, no writer will agree on what the most important aspect writing is. Some will tell you characterization. Some will tell you structure or setting. Others will argue it’s a combination of all three, just as long as you throw[Read More…]

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Across the Atlantic, Rediscovering the Joy of Writing

Across the Atlantic, Rediscovering the Joy of Writing

Pembroke College of Cambridge University in the summer seems like something out of a novel. Expanses of grass (mowed and watered daily), exotic plants framing windows of buildings that have been home to celebrated authors, philosophers and mathematicians, wine served with pig belly in a hall that looks so similar[Read More…]

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Busting Literary Publishing Myths

Busting Literary Publishing Myths

From my experience in a literary agency internship, it seems that a good chunk of the world want to be writers. A lot of people out there believe it’s just as simple as writing 50 or 80 or 100 thousand words, giving it a title, and sending out query letters[Read More…]

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In Defense of English Majors

I became an English major because I like to read. In this economy and at a college where most students have their eyes set on high-powered consulting or Wall Street jobs, deciding to have an academic subject inspired by a hobby printed on my degree probably doesn’t seem that well[Read More…]

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Discovering Local Literary Pride

To compare this summer and last summer would be like comparing my life before and after I went gluten-free: completely unrecognizable. Last summer, I was earning minimum wage at a restaurant in Tucson and spending my days by the pool reading a book a week, or a book a day,[Read More…]

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