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OWSIANY: Separate Self From Privilege

OWSIANY: Separate Self From Privilege

No one likes to be singled out for his privilege. But class privilege always seems the hardest to confront. This is probably because all of us have struggled with money as individuals or as a part of a family at some point in our lives, either in our decisions, our[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Greeks Exclude by Class

OWSIANY: Greeks Exclude by Class

Students at elite universities — the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard, for example — have written about the challenges of participating in college social life for low-income students over the past few years. Their comments resonated: tales of pretending to study rather than spend half a paycheck on a night[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Chances Versus Finances

OWSIANY: Chances Versus Finances

The narrative of Georgetown students who fall into finance and consulting careers after graduation is well-known throughout campus. I have always considered myself to be the type of person who would do what she loves, no matter what. But as a senior, I find myself coming face to face with[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Make Equality A Priority

Last year as a news writer for The Hoya, I covered the New York Times’ first annual ranking of socioeconomic diversity on college campuses. This year, Georgetown plummeted in the rankings from 46 to 88. While reading The Hoya’s coverage of the drop, I noticed the same line touted that[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Study Abroad’s Real Cost

OWSIANY: Study Abroad’s Real Cost

In the spring semester of 2015, I studied abroad in London, one of the most expensive cities in the world, for five months. I frequently found myself feeling caught between the cost of doing something and the cost of missing an experience that, for me, would be extremely rare. Before[Read More…]

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OWSIANY: Perfectly Middle Class?

OWSIANY: Perfectly Middle Class?

In the so-called ‘real world,’ I’m as middle-class as one can get. My household income, made up of a single ​ ​ parent white-collar salary and no other assets to speak of, hovers almost exactly at the national median. Money is an omnipresent concern, especially with the addition of college[Read More…]

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In response to the federal grand jury’s decision in the Ferguson, Mo. case, demonstrators took to Red Square, the White House and the city at large.

Ferguson Rallies Reach Campus, District

The Georgetown University Black Leadership Forum mounted a Week of Action this week to reflect on recent events in Ferguson, Mo., and draw attention to racial and criminal justice issues following a week of protests in Washington, D.C., that included a march in Georgetown last Saturday. Almost 200 students took[Read More…]

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Moore Chosen for Mayoral Team

Moore Chosen for Mayoral Team

James P. Moore Jr., the managing director of the Business, Society, and Public Policy Initiative at the McDonough School of Business, has been appointed to the Economic Development and Jobs Committee of D.C. Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser’s mayoral transition team. Moore has taught international business, corporate ethics and leadership at Georgetown[Read More…]

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Former Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim spoke about his experiences with police brutality as part of the “Trials” session at the TEDxGeorgetown event in Gaston Hall on Saturday afternoon.

TEDx Speakers Share Stories of Self-Discovery

The fourth annual TEDxGeorgetown event entitled “Ithaca: The Road Less Traveled,” focused on stories about journeys, drawing around 500 attendees on Saturday. Talks from students, faculty members, staff members and individuals from outside of the university community were separated into three sessions, titled “Formation,” “Trials” and “Coda,” with breakout groups[Read More…]

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DC Council Approves Pro-Uber Legislation

The D.C. Council approved legislation to permit and regulate the operation of app-based ridesharing services such as uberX, Lyft and SideCar on Oct. 28. The Public Vehicle-for-hire Innovation Amendment Act, proposed by Councilmember Mary Cheh (D-Ward 3), passed in a 12-to-1 vote. The bill retained the $1 million dollar insurance[Read More…]

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