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Reporter Compares Obama, Bush

New York Times reporter Charles Savage compared President Barack Obama’s foreign policy to that of George W. Bush on Thursday. Savage, a recipient of the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for national reporting on presidential signing statements, compared the Bush and Obama administrations’ approaches to the legal theory of executive power. Despite[Read More…]

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GU Rallies for Immigration

GU Rallies for Immigration

A group of nearly 200 Georgetown students marched in Wednesday’s 90-degree heat from the Hilltop to Capitol Hill, joining a crowd of thousands in a rally for immigration reform. The Georgetown University Immigration Coalition, an umbrella organization that works with student groups including Hoyas for Immigrant Rights, the Asian American Student Association, MEChA and[Read More…]

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Store Design Elicits Concern

Resistance by the Old Georgetown Board may delay the target August opening date for the proposed 7-Eleven store at 1344 Wisconsin Ave. NW. In an April 4 meeting, the OGB voted down the proposal for the new convenience store citing multiple concerns, the foremost of which was the obstruction of many of[Read More…]

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Burglary Reported in 1300 Block of 35th Street

A student residence in the 1300 block of 35th Street NW was burglarized Sunday morning. At 5 a.m., students were woken up by an unknown male who fled the scene after being approached by one of the students, according to a Department of Public Safety alert. The doors were not locked and[Read More…]

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Boathouse Lawsuit Against D.C. Thrown Out

Jack’s Boathouse owner Paul Simkin lost a key case against the Washington, D.C. government last week. The United States Court for the District of Columbia dismissed Simkin’s case, which claimed that the National Parks Service did not have jurisdiction over the land which houses his boat rental and storage business because of an improper[Read More…]

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Metro Test Raises Concerns

Construction on the Silver Line of the Washington Metro, which is designed to extend to Dulles International Airport, is proceeding despite concerns about the possible settling of soil in and around areas of tunnel construction. A March 6 report commissioned by the city’s airport authority, transit authority and contractors Dulles[Read More…]

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SCOTUS: Foreign Book Sales Legal

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled March 19 that it is legal to buy cheaper foreign versions of books overseas and resell or give them away in the United States. In the case Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons, John Wiley, a major textbook publisher, sued SupapKirtsaeng, a Thai student, for importing and reselling[Read More…]

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Water Week Draws Attention to Global Issue

UNICEF Georgetown took a break from its regular fundraising and discussion last week to educate Georgetown about water, sanitation and hygiene needs around the world during World Water Week. UNICEF Georgetown promoted and fundraised for UNICEF’s Tap Project, a campaign to provide clean water to children in developing countries in[Read More…]

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Alums Debut Online Marketplace

College Traffic, an online goods and services exchange for students developed by alumni Alex Seilliere(MSB ’12) and Andrew Boggs (COL ’12), will officially launch today after the idea began in an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown. Seilliere conceived the concept for College Traffic in professor William Finnerty’s “Entrepreneurship Foundations” class during his junior year. He said[Read More…]

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Assaults See Highest Rate on Record

Georgetown’s Department of Public Safety reported eight cases of assault this February — the most on record since DPS started posting crime numbers on its website in 2009 — in addition to a continued string of dorm burglaries and an off-campus burglary attempt last month. Seven of the assault incidents were between[Read More…]

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