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UNSOLICITED ADVICE: The Best Advice Is To Take no Advice

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: The Best Advice Is To Take no Advice

When I told people I was writing an advice column this summer, most laughed, and, honestly, I laughed, too. Somehow, I convinced my editors I know enough about life to hand out ideas on how other people should live. However, in my 20 years of life, I can confidently claim[Read More…]

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UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Accomplish Your Goals by Baking Cookies

UNSOLICITED ADVICE: Accomplish Your Goals by Baking Cookies

I have a very specific ritual when I bake at home. I wear my long overalls that make me look like a farmer and my fuzzy socks that slide on the hardwood when I dance around. I always play my “vintage” playlist, which features a lot of Billy Joel, Prince[Read More…]



Last year, my roommate bought a book that sat unread on our cluttered shelf. It’s one of those self-help books, “Do What Feels Good: Recipes, Remedies and Routines To Treat Your Body Right” by Hannah Bronfman, with a picture on the cover of a gorgeous woman with a wide, toothy[Read More…]

PROJECT LIGHTHOUSE/FACEBOOK | While some clubs like Hoya Blue and the Georgetown University Astronomical Society emphasize an open membership structure to create an inclusive, low-stress environment, other organizations like CAPS and Project Lighthouse offer strategies and resources for managing the constant stress that comes with Georgetown student life.

Mental Health Clubs, Resources Address Stress Culture

Clubs on campus can be sources of friendship, academic growth, professional connections and party invites, but they can also be a stressful aspect of life for some on the Hilltop. Between the application process and constant interaction with hierarchical power dynamics, some students can struggle with the stress culture associated[Read More…]

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Abunai Food

Eclectic Food Culture Entices Diners Across the District

Food served out of a truck. Bottomless mimosas before noon. Innovative ethnic cuisine. Kitchens bursting with creativity. These scenarios describe not a culinary utopia but rather the food scene of our nation’s capital. Outside the front gates, extraordinary and student-friendly meals await. With distinct food around every corner in each[Read More…]

Made in America

Made in America Thrills Fans Despite Weak Moments

Over Labor Day weekend, the streets of Philadelphia flooded with what seemed like a sea of teenage girls in red tank tops and boys in basketball jerseys. They were headed to the same place: Made in America, a music festival featuring two days of EDM and hip-hop music, five stages[Read More…]

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‘No Spectators: The Art of Burning Man’ Brings a Glimpse of the Desert to DC

The Black Rock Desert in Nevada is desolate for the majority of the year. Yet for one week each year, it is transformed into Black Rock City, where around 75,000 people travel to experience the wonders of Burning Man, a massive experiment in community living. The gathering is short, but[Read More…]


DC Fashion Week Highlights International Designs

Every year, fashion week presents an opportunity for designers both new and experienced to take to the runway with fresh couture and show-stopping styles. Although Washington, D.C., is not an established fashion capital, the city still impresses when it comes to putting on a runway show. D.C. Fashion Week is[Read More…]


Punk Rock Spread From WGTB to the Streets of DC

“It felt like things could explode at any moment into absolute chaos.” James Schneider, director of the upcoming documentary “Punk the Capital,” was not describing a heated protest but rather the influential 1979 punk rock concert held at Georgetown University. The show was a benefit concert held by Georgetown’s student-run[Read More…]

Marion Colomer Depicts ‘Carnal Desire’ at Gallery O on H

Marion Colomer Depicts ‘Carnal Desire’ at Gallery O on H

Nestled in a tiny brick building in the H Street Corridor is Gallery O on H, an art gallery and event space. Inside the welcoming front door resides the enchanting exhibit “Melancholia” by Marion Colomer, a French painter. Colomer is originally from Paris but has studied in New York, New[Read More…]

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