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Options for Football Sidelines

With the end of the college football regular season is upon us, the annual coaching carousel is about to start up again. With Ohio State, Washington State and Arizona all luring big-name coaches in Urban Meyer, Mike Leach and Rich Rodriguez, respectively, the picture is becoming clearer every day. Here[Read More…]

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Twists, Turns Abound in Horrifying Scandal

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the last week and a half, you have been inundated with the news from Happy Valley about the decade-long cover up of Jerry Sandusky’s grotesque alleged crimes. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this, you are already aware of the basics. So I’ll[Read More…]

by November 17, 2011 0 comments Sports

UCF, PSU Scandals Shake Faith in Sports

The list of scandals in college sports has been growing at a sickening rate in recent years, both in number and magnitude. It started a few years ago with USC and the Reggie Bush saga. Then, schools like Ohio State, Boise State, Miami (Fla.), Memphis, Michigan, North Carolina and Oklahoma[Read More…]

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Do Cheaters Never Win?

After beating Ohio State in the Elite Eight last year, Kentucky coach John Calipari was facetiously asked what it felt like to coach in his first Final Four. The question was tongue-in-cheek but still ruffled some feathers of those who support the Wildcats. While Calipari had previously been to the[Read More…]

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Title IX Causes Inequity

If everything is supposed to be bigger in Texas, then why is there only one male Division I soccer program in the entire state? The answer to this question is quite simple, but also controversial. When Title IX of the Education Amendments was enacted in 1972, it intended to bring[Read More…]

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JTIII’s Legacy Hinges on 2011-12

Last year when Georgetown was bounced early in the NCAA tournament yet again, I saw a joke by a sportswriter on Twitter. “Let me rank the John Thompsons:,” it read. “1) John R. Thompson Jr., 2) John R. Thompson Sr., 3) Everyone Else, 4) John R. Thompson III.” Before you[Read More…]

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BCS System Rife With Corruption

The Bowl Championship Series has a long history of sparking some of the most vicious arguments between college football fans during bowl season. It relies on a bizarre methodology that combines data from the AP Poll, the Coaches’ Poll and a computer algorithm to select the top two teams in[Read More…]

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College Athletes Deserve a Slice of the Profits They Generate

From “Tatgate” at Ohio State, to the plethora of transgressions at Miami (Fla.) that read like movie scripts to the questionable at best, heinous at worst recruiting tactics of Jim Calhoun at UConn, it is apparent that college sports has reached a tipping point. The illusion that student athletes who[Read More…]

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Abuse of Oversigning Loophole Hurting “Scholarship” Players

Coaches at universities with large football programs have bent the rules for years. They are required to win at all costs in order to keep their high-paying jobs. Instead of being viewed as mentors and father figures, as they once were, they are now businessmen running multimillion-dollar enterprises. The amateur[Read More…]

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GU’s Future Is in FBS

As the saying goes, traditions have to start somewhere. This has not been a problem for Georgetown. Our school has been widely recognized as an academic giant and a basketball powerhouse, but times are quickly changing in college athletics. To stay ahead of the curve, a new tradition needs to[Read More…]

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