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Chaplains Connect With Students

Chaplains Connect With Students

It is midnight on the third floor of Darnall, and a small group of freshmen are chatting as they watch TV and plug away at their homework. As a Catholic priest strolls in with a plate of freshly baked treats, a student yells down the hall,”Fr. McManus has cookies!” and more[Read More…]

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Appelbaum Wins SAC Chair

Jack Appelbaum (COL ’14) has been elected Student Activities Commission Chair for the 2012 calendar year. “I appreciate the support of SAC student groups and am excited to continue working on their behalf. I think SAC has an enormous opportunity next semester to better cater to the larger concerns of[Read More…]

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SAC Issues Reform Plan at Town Hall

The Student Activities Commission unveiled plans for a new funding system to a roundtable of student group leaders Wednesday night in response to student complaints over SAC’s programming-arc funding model. “I want to stress that we’re presenting a draft — nothing here is set in stone,” SAC Chairman Andy Koenig[Read More…]

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SAC Set to Review Reform Proposal

The Student Activities Commission will present a draft of a proposed new funding system to club leaders Wednesday night that features a more flexible allocation system. If the proposal is met with approval at the forum, commissioners said that they will implement the changes in time for next semester. In[Read More…]

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GU Breaks Ground on Retreat Center

GU Breaks Ground on Retreat Center

As Arthur Calcagnini (C ’54) stood looking over the Blue Ridge Mountains last Friday while he prepared to break ground on the retreat center named for him, he reflected on his path to the Calcagnini Contemplative Center’s actualization. “This is a dream that I’ve had that’s taken a long time[Read More…]

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New Space Energizes Ministry

As students rush around the corner toward the Leavey Center Starbucks and Cosi, they may notice that a once-deserted space has undergone a spiritual awakening. Makóm, a new Jewish gathering area located along one of Leavey’s main thoroughfares, is a sign of wider changes at work for the Jewish Chaplaincy[Read More…]

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Energy Drinks Pose Risks

Energy Drinks Pose Risks

Last week, the University of New Hampshire instituted a campus-wide ban on sales of all energy drinks. Though the ban was repealed within hours by UNH President MarkHuddleston, the policy has sparked conversation about college students’ dependence on these products. “In this case, I am personally aware of conflicting reports[Read More…]

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Mitch Daniels Talks Fiscal Sense

Speaking to an overflowing crowd in Riggs Library Friday, Governor Mitch Daniels (R-Ind.) emphasized the importance of dealing with America’s debt crisis. Before beginning, Daniels applauded those in attendance for their dedication to politics on a Friday night and for “not being nearly as nerdy as I thought you would be.”[Read More…]

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More Than a Tutoring Lesson

It’s Tuesday night, and Geraldine Miranda (SFS ’13) waves goodbye to the van that has dropped her off in front of the small apartment in Chinatown where she tutors twice a week. She knocks on the door, and her two tutees, Johnny, age seven, and Danny, age nine, run to[Read More…]

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