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The Truth Behind the Stereotypes

‘There are just so many gay guys at Georgetown.” I hate this sentence, and I hear it way too much. Frequently, this line of thinking leads people to believe that Georgetown is some kind of “gay-topia,” that Georgetown guys who are not straight go through college having never experienced actual[Read More…]

Pride in Being Yourself

“Being gay is like having a super power. I don’t mind it all.” In reality, not being straight often sucks. My experiences with oppression in a society not built to serve me in terms of sexuality and struggles with gender identity can attest to that. Because I am deeply involved[Read More…]

Finding Acceptance in Fitness

I have always been a skinny guy. My doctor once told me that I have the fastest metabolism he has ever seen. I am incapable of counting the number of times I’ve been called “a twig” or “chicken legs.” I have yet to find a pair of pants that truly[Read More…]

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Embracing My Unique Contribution

When I think about my contributions to bettering the LGBTQ community, one of the most important things I bring to the table is my unreserved admiration for attractive Hollywood celebrities. Among friends, I am known to fawn over, to adore, to fall in love with and to talk over and[Read More…]

Off the Straight and Narrow

“Yo, bro, are you even straight?” I was walking up the stairs at a high school party, thinking about how much fun I was having and how much I had to pee when — bam — there it was.  Someone had smacked me in the face with my sexuality. And[Read More…]

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