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Linguist Warns of Language Extinction

Oxford University English Language Professor Suzanne Romaine emphasized the importance of preserving endangered languages in a speech Thursday evening at the Leavey Conference Center. “We should think about languages as other natural resources that require preserving,” she said. Much of Romaine’s speech focused on the diversity of languages around the[Read More…]

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Author of ‘Israelis’ Dispels Misperceptions

Writer Donna Rosenthal encouraged Georgetown students to look past the Arab-Israeli conflict and focus more on Israel’s rich culture and diversity in a speech Wednesday night in the Walsh building. Promoting her new book, The Israelis, Rosenthal told the student audience that the image of Israelis portrayed by the media[Read More…]

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O’Connor Formally Opens New Law Building

Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor emphasized the increasing importance of international law during a speech Wednesday at the Georgetown University Law Center. O’Connor said that the Supreme Court’s cases today demand a more comprehensive understanding of overseas legal systems. “The fates of nations are more closely intertwined than ever[Read More…]

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