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The original Lego movie charmed audiences in 2014 with an unpredictable and heartwarming plot. “The Lego Movie 2: The Sequel” mostly lives up to the standard the first set, featuring a catchy soundtrack, jokes that land for audiences young and old, and lots of plot twists. This second installment in the franchise is a must-see for Lego fans.

Everything Remains Awesome With ‘The Lego Movie 2′

“The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part” may not be as innovative in style as its 2014 predecessor but still captivates its audience in its own right thanks to its script, music and animation. The original “Lego Movie” managed to draw audiences in with its original format, using an animation[Read More…]

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NATALIE ISÉ/THE HOYA | Longtime staple Bridge Street Books sees the new Amazon store as no more competition than the other chain bookstores across the city that have since closed. Bookstores like Second Story Books have even made their own digital mark with online stores.

Independent Bookstores Endure Despite Competition

With the global behemoth Amazon looming into the offline space at the new Amazon Books store, its first physical location in Washington, D.C., the long-term survival of the independent bookstore would seem to be in question. Last year, NPR reported the number of independent bookstores in the United States grew[Read More…]

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Richard Schoch Revives Restoration Shakespeare

Richard Schoch Revives Restoration Shakespeare

Richard Schoch graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service in 1984 and is now a professor of drama at Queen’s University Belfast. This fall’s production of a Restoration-style “Macbeth” at the Folger Theatre was partially funded by a three-year grant  Schoch received from the Arts and Humanities Research Council,[Read More…]

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Georgetown Author R.F. Kuang Speaks on Upcoming Novel ‘The Poppy War’

HarperCollins is set to publish Georgetown senior Rebecca Kuang’s (SFS ’18) speculative historical fiction novel “The Poppy War” in May 2018, followed by two sequels. Set in a mythical land inspired by 20th century China, the book follows a young orphan’s entry into an elite military school and her discovery[Read More…]

Concert Review: Dessa at the Black Cat

Concert Review: Dessa at the Black Cat

No two  songs by rapper singer Margret Wander, better known by her stage name, Dessa sound the same — and her sold-out show at the Black Cat on Nov. 10 proved just that. Her vocal skills and range of musical talents were on full display, and her rapport with the[Read More…]


GU’s Theater and Performance Studies Program Presents ‘Caesar’

“How many ages hence / shall this our lofty scene be acted over / in states unborn and accents yet unknown!” Cassius asks as he and his co-conspirators wash their hands in Caesar’s blood. The line is one of Shakespeare’s most prescient — spoken by a character in ancient Rome,[Read More…]


Movie Review: ‘Blade of the Immortal’

★★★★☆ Japanese director Takashi Miike’s “Blade of the Immortal” begins in the style of a classic samurai film. The film opens with a massive battle scene that introduces a samurai, played by Takuya Kimura, called Manji. Enraged by the death of his sister, he slays hundreds in a stunning fight[Read More…]


Rory Kennedy on Filmmaking, Being a Woman in the Film Industry

Best known for making documentaries about important social issues, like “Ghosts of Abu Ghraib” in 2007 and “Last Days in Vietnam” in 2014, director Rory Kennedy has moved in a new direction with her latest film, “Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton.” The documentary, released Sept. 29, examines[Read More…]

Nomadic Theatre Presents ‘Exit, Pursued by a Bear’

Nomadic Theatre Presents ‘Exit, Pursued by a Bear’

Nomadic Theatre’s first show of the season, Lauren Gunderson’s “Exit, Pursued by a Bear,” brings the theater troupe back to its core principles of being “technically ambitious and socially engaged.” Last year, Gunderson was the most-produced playwright in the United States after William Shakespeare, and the production’s directing staff —[Read More…]


‘Stones in His Pockets’ at the Keegan Theatre

  The set consists of only eight objects: on the left and right sides of the stage, two black production cases, and in the center, two movie-set black folding chairs, stamped with “EXTRAS” in white letters. To the far right sits a movie camera. Behind it all stands a projection[Read More…]