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Letter to the Editor: Penance and Mercy in College Scandal

Dear Editor, In a recent viewpoint by Madison Pravecek (SFS ’19) about the college admissions scandal, the author confuses the Catholic sacrament of penance with Christ’s teachings on love and compassion, citing a lack of atonement as justification for heartlessness. Penance allows Catholics to be reconciled with God and His[Read More…]

by April 5, 2019 0 comments Opinion

VIEWPOINT: Value Personhood in Human Life

In America, the Christian creed has at times been employed to justify evil. In the antebellum period, Southern Christians who defended slavery claimed it was not explicitly condemned in the Bible and that slaves — by virtue of their race — were justly deprived of their rights to the benefit[Read More…]

by January 25, 2019 1 comment Opinion, Opinion - Top

HOWELL: Keep H*yas for Choice Unrecognized

Georgetown University prides itself on facilitating dialogue among a variety of passionately held and often contradictory views, a truth confirmed by a stroll through Red Square. In line with this spirit of pluralism, some believe the university should recognize H*yas for Choice on the grounds of free speech. On the[Read More…]

by March 28, 2018 1 comment Opinion, Opinion - Top

HOWELL: Why We March

Today, the 44th annual March for Life winds its way through Washington, D.C., starting at the Washington Monument and heading toward the steps of the Supreme Court. We, the Georgetown University Knights of Columbus, attend the March every year in accordance with our desire to promote a culture of life[Read More…]

by January 27, 2017 6 comments Commentary, Opinion, Opinion - Top