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AMY LI FOR THE HOYA Former chief of staff to Obama, Denis McDonough (GRD '96), spoke in Copley Lounge Thursday, where he expressed the need for continued support of refugee resettlement programs in the country.

Former Obama Chief of Staff Urges Support of Refugee Resettlement Programs

The United States must continue to support refugee resettlement programs and welcome displaced people into the country, Denis McDonough (GRD ’96), former chief of staff to President Barack Obama, said at a conference in Copley Lounge on Nov. 13. McDonough served as chief of staff to Obama from 2013 until[Read More…]

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University Expands Non-Tenure-Line Parental Leave

University Expands Non-Tenure-Line Parental Leave

Full-time non-tenure-line faculty will be eligible for expanded parental leave, effective immediately, Georgetown University announced Thursday night. The announcement comes after petitions from both faculty and students supporting the measure. Last month, 282 individuals signed a petition for equal parental leave for both tenured and full-time non-tenure-line faculty. Before the[Read More…]

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Rapper Meek Mill advocated for criminal justice reform based on his own experiences with the system at an event Wednesday. Mill was released from prison in April after serving five months of a two- to four-year sentence. He criticized the criminal justice system for discriminating against minorities and protecting wealthy white men

Meek Mill: Justice System Protects White Men

The U.S. criminal justice system protects wealthy white men, rapper Meek Mill said at an event Wednesday night in Lohrfink Auditorium. Mill, a Philadelphia native, was first arrested in 2007 for possession of drugs and an unlicensed firearm, and was sentenced to prison two years later. Mill was released on[Read More…]

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Poet Marcelo Hernandez Castillo

The Literary World Discriminates Against Undocumented Immigrant Writers, Poets Say

Undocumented immigrant poets face obstacles in the literary world because of their immigration status, poet Marcelo Hernandez Castillo and assistant professor of creative writing at Oklahoma State University Janine Joseph, both undocumented immigrants, said at an event Oct. 16 in Copley Formal Lounge. Castillo and Joseph lead the national Undocupoets[Read More…]

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KISHORE MAHBUBANI Kishore Mahbubani, former Singaporean diplomat and professor at the National University of Singapore, critiqued Western policies towards China at an event on Monday.

Trump Transformed US China Policy, Former Singaporean Diplomat Says

U.S. President Donald Trump’s China policy transforms the West’s historic attitude toward China, former Singaporean diplomat and professor at the National University of Singapore Kishore Mahbubani said at an event entitled “Has the West Lost It?” on Monday in Healy Hall’s Riggs Library. During the event, Mahbubani discussed his new[Read More…]

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