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Hoyas Fly High At 2011 SilverDocs Film Festival

Hoyas Fly High At 2011 SilverDocs Film Festival

When you’re sick to your stomach that you just paid $11 to see a carbon-copy remake of Hangover I, check back into the real world and check out the American Film Institute’s SilverDocs documentary film festival just down the road. This week, four films by Hoya graduates will be screened among[Read More…]

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Some Big Awards for Short Films

Some Big Awards for Short Films

Although film studies may still be an academic fledgling here at Georgetown, there is certainly no limit to the impressive film presence boasted by its students. Tonight marks the beginning of the 10th annual Georgetown University Film Festival, which will run from 7 to 9 p.m. both tonight and tomorrow,[Read More…]

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Getting to the Meat of the Issue

A big-name PETA representative sparred with the Philodemic Society over the ethics of eating meat in Lohrfink Auditorium Tuesday evening. A vegan since 1987, Bruce Friedrich, vice president of policy and government affairs for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has engaged in debates at nearly 35 schools across[Read More…]

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Jarring Foreign Film Delivers Heated Action

Quebeçois director Denis Villenueve crafts a dark and complex narrative in his 2010 film Incendies, adapted from Wajdi Mouawad’s play “Scorched.” The film earned a Best Foreign Language Film nomination at this past year’s Academy Awards. The intricate story begins with brother and sister Simon and Jeanne Marwan (Maxim Gaudette[Read More…]

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Latest Release Explores Quartet’s Eccentricity

Latest Release Explores Quartet’s Eccentricity

Gypsy music from Eastern Europe and Mariachi sounds from Mexico may not be the most compatible of musical styles, but they typify the divergent harmony that DeVotchKa achieves in their newest album, 100 Lovers. “I wanted us to stand out from the average band and I wanted to use exotic instruments,”[Read More…]

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GU Film Festival Revamped, Revived

Still rolling after 10 years, GUTV’s annual film festival is seeking to boost its presence on campus this year with free admission and more submissions. When the film festival premiered in 2001, there was not much of a film presence on the Hilltop. The founders hoped it would provide a[Read More…]

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