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Hoya Selects New Staff

The Hoya’s spring editorial and publishing staff began their terms Nov. 23, after selections in mid-November. Friday’s issue is the first print issue with the new production staff. Former Executive Editor Emma Hinchliffe (COL ’15) was selected as the 140th editor-in-chief of The Hoya, replacing Danny Funt (COL ’14). “I’m[Read More…]

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Southwest Quad Fire Alarm Malfunction Resolved

The fire watch in Southwest Quad was lifted Monday at 6 p.m., and fire alarms were restored to full working order after weeks of troubleshooting and repairs. Prior to the fire watch, the Southwest Quad experienced an epidemic of false alarms, often at early hours of the morning. “We feel[Read More…]

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Hoya Court Set to Open Nov. 5

Hoya Court Set to Open Nov. 5

After months of delays, Hoya Court construction has finished, and the food vendors should begin service later this week in a soft opening, featuring reduced hours and service prior to a grand opening Nov. 5. “We had a few hiccups with getting our final permits for the health inspections —[Read More…]

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Facilities Shuts Down Flawed SWQ Alarms

Facilities Shuts Down Flawed SWQ Alarms

The Southwest Quad has been experiencing major technical difficulties with its fire alarm system, with nine alarms going off between Sep. 25 and Oct. 11. Although the specific cause for the malfunction is still unclear, the Office of Facilities has narrowed the problem down to low water pressure in the[Read More…]

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MyAccess Gets Slight Makeover

The Office of the Registrar began to roll out of a number of largely visual changes to MyAccess last weekend ahead of an expected larger overhaul to the system. These changes included collapsible menus and a feature that allows students to easily browse back through previous pages. The website now[Read More…]

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In New Plans, Admins Heed Opposition

Following an outpouring of student opposition to an off-campus housing option and a flurry of on-campus construction projects, the university introduced its second stage of master planning in a Planning 201 session Wednesday evening. The forum covered a wide range of planning developments, including on and off-campus housing options, changes[Read More…]

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Required Cab Upgrade Prompts Driver Protest

One month after the original deadline for D.C. taxi cabs to install credit card readers, GPS and a driver verification system, drivers are protesting consequences for failure to meet the deadline, which they say is not their fault. Nearly 200 cab drivers protested problems installing the Modern Taximeter System in[Read More…]

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Hoya Court Construction Lags

Hoya Court Construction Lags

Serious delays in construction have pushed the reopening of Hoya Court eateries back two months, with completion of the renovations now projected for late October. The Leavey Center dining area will include new vendors Elevation Burger and Salad Creations in addition to a larger Subway, replacing KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut.[Read More…]

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