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After One Year, SFS Puts an End to Hindi ‘Experiment’

After one year, the School of Foreign Service decided to terminate the Hindi program due to budgetary restraints, drawing protests from students who want to continue with it after taking beginner-level Hindi this year. “Offering Hindi was always considered by SFS to be a one-year experiment in order to assess[Read More…]

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Feith Got Caps-Locked out of Georgetown

Poor Doug Feith. All he ever wanted was to do was spread the good news of the neoconservative utopia he tried to build in the Middle East to the up-and-coming staffers in some future catastrophic Republican administration. But now, when his contract expires next month, just two years after the[Read More…]

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SNL, Where Political Humor Goes to Die

Here’s a thought experiment: Try to make a list of the least funny things on television. The Home Shopping Network has got to be on there, plus the Weather Channel, the Sci-Fi Network and one of those cryptic channels that’s always broadcasting church services from some undisclosed location. And then,[Read More…]

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GUSAFCU Celebrates Golden Past on Silver Anniversary

1983: Iran invades Iraq. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” hits the airwaves. Brunei becomes an independent country. And on the Hilltop, a few students turn an idea into a Georgetown fixture with the founding of what is now the Georgetown University Alumni and Student Federal Credit Union. GUASFCU, which pitches itself to[Read More…]

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Coaching a Different Game of Hoya Hoops

Coaching a Different Game of Hoya Hoops

Image ContributorCoach Sam Potolicchio (COL ’04) Few expected the Jelleff Hoyas to even make Sunday’s game competitive. They were outmanned in a big way: missing two of their starters and up against a team a year older – and a year bigger – than they were. Middle schoolers playing in[Read More…]

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A Little Civilized Debate Never Hurt Anyone

I feel as though I’m perpetually one disappointment away from swearing off politics for good. Bitterly disillusioned though I was with both parties, I let myself get excited last year about the possibility of a change in control of Congress. I dutifully voted, and when the results came in –[Read More…]

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Heckler Parody of NSO Guide Draws University Ire

An online student humor magazine altered its parody of a university publication in June under pressure from an administrator who said the satire might confuse incoming students and their parents. The Georgetown Heckler posted a link to a spoof of the New Student Guide sent to incoming freshmen and transfer[Read More…]

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For the Love of Georgetown, Just Tell the Truth

I’ll confess that I’ve always been amused by people who say we need an official language in the United States. ultilingualism, they warn, undermines – and may ultimately destroy – English as we know it. Who are they kidding? English is dead, and we killed it. In our centuries-long march[Read More…]

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Schwarzenegger Pumps Up Gaston

Trumpeting his state’s push to combat the effects of climate change, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger triumphantly proclaimed that the environmental movement has shed its unpopular public image in a speech Wednesday in Gaston Hall. For too long, Schwarzenegger said, the American people had viewed environmentalists as “Prohibitionists at the fraternity[Read More…]

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Driven from Diamond, A Team Picks Up Pieces

Five days. That was how much time Thomas Gibbs spent at Loyola University before he had to leave. After what had seemed like a lifetime of preparation for college, the freshman’s plans were thrown into turmoil, and his future was uncertain. As Hurricane Katrina roared across the Gulf of Mexico[Read More…]

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