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@GRLAGEORGETOWN / INSTAGRAM | Even though the way a company sells its products differs, they all chase the fundamental principle of offering a curated and exclusive lifestyle.

Luxury Brands Sell Expensive Stories to Younger Markets

Walking down Georgetown’s busy M Street, tourists and residents alike ogle and peruse the countless high-end stores that dot the street and purchase anything from Chanel makeup to Michael Kors handbags. These luxury stores found throughout the neighborhood encapsulate modern luxury retail culture — a lifestyle filled with decadence and[Read More…]

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HBO’s ‘Years and Years’ Envisions Future With Cynicism

“Years and Years,” an HBO miniseries that debuted earlier this year, is simultaneously harrowing, hopeful and amusingly speculative as it attempts to paint a picture of what the near future might hold for the world. Told through the eyes of tight-knit English family the Lyons, the show follows the four[Read More…]

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DC Restaurants Offer Cuisines From Across the World

Purple Patch Columbia Heights, $$ Purple Patch is a Filipino restaurant and bar located in Columbia Heights that offers an assortment of Filipino as well as American fare and a variety of drinks. The restaurant prepares all of its food skillfully, but its traditional Filipino dishes, including the sizzling pork[Read More…]

GEORGETOWN BLACK STUDENT ALLIANCE/FACEBOOK | Minority and affinity organizations like Black Student Alliance create spaces for building community for students who might not feel represented within the wider institution. These organizations demonstrate the power clubs can have when driven by inclusivity, but they also recognize that community on campus should not be restricted to clubs.

Minority Groups Embrace Identity, Inclusion

Georgetown has been criticized in the past for club exclusivity on campus, yet students are still able to find groups that celebrate acceptance. Given the university’s status as a predominantly white institution, minority students are more aware of the need for inclusive spaces. Minority and affinity groups on campus, which[Read More…]

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MARVEL STUDIOS | Despite box office smashes like “Captain Marvel” and “Wonder Woman” that feature fictional women as protagonists such as Captain Marvel, above, countless women’s stories have been deemed unfit for film or television by an unreceptive and discriminatory Hollywood industry that is loath to center women’s experiences or cast women as leads.

Women’s Stories Limited by Industry Discrimination

When “Iron Man” hit theaters in 2008, it opened up the floodgates for the development of the Marvel cinematic universe. Since then, a steady stream of semi-annual, male-dominated superhero films granted the MCU its popularity and cultural relevance. But it was not until 20 films and 11 years later that[Read More…]

DC TRIATHALON CLUB | Despite more LGBTQ-friendly spaces on campus, university students are regularly losing access to queer nightlife establishments in the city. Such closures represent the persistent struggle for LGBTQ students to find communities with which to celebrate their identities.

LGBTQ Nightlife Dissipates in the District

As students left campus for spring break, Georgetown’s queer community lost another one of its dwindling LGBTQ nightlife establishments, calling into the question the state of safe spaces for queer individuals. Washington, D.C., has the largest proportion of LGBTQ residents of any U.S. state or territory, according to a recent[Read More…]

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ALLISON HERR/THE HOYA | Black Movements Dance Theatre will open its upcoming spring showcase, “Jubilation!” next week on Feb. 15 and 16. The show, which will feature roughly nine pieces, seeks to examine the idea of joy through its various pieces as a departure from its previous, heavier shows. The captivating dances are a combination of student, faculty and guest choreography.

BMDT Explores Joy in Upcoming Show ‘Jubilation!’

Black Movements Dance Theatre’s upcoming performance is a captivating examination of the many shapes joy can take. The performance is a showcase of roughly nine dances — this number is subject to change by the time of the show — embodying the show’s name, “Jubilation!” Aliyah Williams (SFS ’20), student[Read More…]

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