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Georgetown Offers Pathway to College for Local Students

Alexis Yeager (COL ’22) first heard about Georgetown in ninth grade. That was the year she joined the Institute for College Preparation, a program that helps low-income Washington, D.C. students navigate college applications within Georgetown’s Center for Multicultural Equity and Access. Without the ICP, Yeager is unsure if she would[Read More…]

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Clubs Respond to Criticisms of Selectivity

Clubs Respond to Criticisms of Selectivity

Every Hoya could most likely recite some version of the following: Without the traditional social structure of recognized Greek life, clubs become the hub for your social life. Yet Georgetown’s club culture is a double-edged sword. Fueled by a desire to meet the right people and find lifelong friends, students[Read More…]

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Buzzfeed reporter and "Red Card" author Ken Bensinger reflected on the worldwide ramifications of FIFA corruption at a talk Monday.

Reporter Explores FIFA Corruption’s Broader Impact

Corruption within soccer governing organizations across the globe has ramifications beyond the impact on the sport, BuzzFeed news reporter Ken Bensinger said Monday evening in a discussion of his book “Red Card,” which was published in June. The Georgetown University Journalism Program, The Hoya and the Lecture Fund co-hosted the[Read More…]

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BUELL KRATZER POWELL The popular Georgetown late night eatery, Epicurean and Co., was selected in May to take over Bulldog Tavern.

Epicurean and Co. Assumes Control of Bulldog Tavern

The opening of Healy Family Student Center in 2014 brought not only new study spaces to Georgetown students, but also a new watering hole — Bulldog Tavern. Since it opened in November 2014, the tavern has changed management three times. This fall, Epicurean and Company was selected as the new[Read More…]

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Diversity, Defined

Diversity, Defined

“Community in Diversity.” One of Georgetown’s oft-touted Jesuit values, the phrase is often mentioned by the university to entice prospective students. Students may catch a glimpse of it on a banner around campus in their day-to-day hustle or in the university’s promotional materials.   Behind the flashy catchphrase, the question[Read More…]

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GUSA Vice President-elect Jessica Andino (COL '18), left, and President-elect Kamar Mack (COL '19) were elected Feb. 23 with the narrowest election margin in recent history of 34 votes.

Mack, Andino Assess Summer Advocacy Priorities

The Georgetown University Student Association aims to make progress toward campus life affordability and student access to university resources this summer. After managing a campaign centered on affordability and entrepreneurship, GUSA President Kamar Mack (COL ’19) and Vice President Jessica Andino (COL ’18) will seek new options to increase affordability[Read More…]

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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke about her life experiences and perspective on gender equality on Thursday.

Justice Ginsburg Denounces Unconscious Gender Bias

The law should not prevent women from pursuing their aspirations, said Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during a discussion in Gaston Hall yesterday. Society’s perception of women has evolved but certain underlying challenges remain toward achieving full gender equity, Ginsburg said. “The challenge is more daunting than the one[Read More…]

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Students Advocate Progress On and Off Campus

In a year marked by protests in Washington, D.C., following President Donald Trump’s election and his new policies, Georgetown students advocated for progress in areas ranging from workers’ rights to protections for LGBTQ individuals. Workers’ Rights Seventeen members of the Georgetown Solidarity Committee staged a 35-hour sit-in at University President[Read More…]

GUSA will host a Save Georgetown Day event Tuesday in an effort to encourage responsible behavior on the day.

GUSA Launches Save Georgetown Day Initiative

The university is planning to collect data on April 28’s Georgetown Day conduct violations, including Georgetown University Police Department calls, leading the Georgetown University Student Association to hold a “Save Georgetown Day” event April 28 in an effort to encourage students to be more responsible. GUSA President Kamar Mack (COL[Read More…]

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ELLa wan for The hoya                     
Students and administrators launched the HoyasForShe initiative, part of the university’s HeForShe requirements, in an effort to raise awareness for gender equity.

Students, Administrators Launch HoyasForShe

Students and administrators launched HoyasforShe, the student advocacy component of the university’s United Nations HeForShe campaign commitment, with plans to coordinate gender equity marketing efforts among clubs in Copley Formal Lounge on Thursday night. University President John J. DeGioia was named one of 10 IMPACT champions by the UN Women’s[Read More…]

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