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VIEWPOINT: A Commitment to Student Safety

The start of the school year marks an important opportunity for the Georgetown University community to acknowledge our collective responsibility to prevent and appropriately address sexual assault and misconduct. These problems persist on college campuses across the nation, including here on the Hilltop, and we are continuing to step up[Read More…]

by September 14, 2018 0 comments Opinion, Opinion - Top
The Music On My  Playlist

The Music On My Playlist

‘When We Were Young’ by Adele This song caught my imagination the first time I heard it. Adele is an incredibly talented vocalist with a rich and haunting voice. The song’s image is getting older, looking back and wanting to hold on to what is becoming poignant to me in[Read More…]

by October 21, 2016 0 comments The Guide

Let Magis Guide Conduct

Respect is a core Georgetown value. High standards define our students, our university and our local community. The Jesuit ideal of seeking the magis is a great model for us. Magis is about feeling grateful for all we’ve been given and giving back by seeking the very best in ourselves[Read More…]

by March 14, 2013 0 comments Opinion

Olson Defends Party Policy

Last week, The Hoya editorial board shared its views on changes to the on-campus party policy (“New Policy a Party Foul,” The Hoya, A2, Aug. 28, 2012). I thought it was important to articulate why I believe the change is fair and favorable to students. As the university undergoes a[Read More…]

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