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Men’s Basketball | Poor Results Turn Up Heat

Men’s Basketball | Poor Results Turn Up Heat

After the firing of John Thompson Jr.’s successor Craig Esherick in 2004, John Thompson III took over the reins as Georgetown men’s basketball coach. The 2014-2015 season marks his 11th year at the helm and brings a question that many among Georgetown students, alumni and supporters are asking: Is this[Read More…]

by November 14, 2014 1 comment Basketball Preview 2014-2015, Sports

Decisions That Changed Sports

My favorite column from Bill Simmons, the sportswriter whom I read the most, is his “What If” NBA column from 2008, in which he outlines 15 of the biggest chains of events in recent NBA history. Here, I’m doing my own “What If” column with an example from each of[Read More…]

by April 25, 2014 0 comments Sports, Sports Columns

Player’s Insights Prove Valuable

Last week, outspoken Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman wrote a piece for about his childhood friend DeSean Jackson. Jackson, who was cut from the Philadelphia Eagles two weeks ago and signed by the rival Washington Redskins, has been facing questioning about his possible gang ties to the Crips in[Read More…]

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NHL Point System Needs Fixing

In the NHL, a team is awarded two points for a regulation, overtime or shootout win. Meanwhile, a team receives zero points for a loss in regulation, but receives one point — the “loser point” — if they lose in overtime or a shootout. Many hockey fans take issue with[Read More…]

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Student-Athletes Deserve Income

Wednesday, the Chicago district of the National Labor Relations Board ruled that Northwestern football players qualify as employees and, therefore, have a right to unionize. This decision reignites the debate in regard to whether student-athletes should be paid. Although I fully support student-athletes being paid, I understand most of the[Read More…]

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NFL Benefits From Holdouts

For as long as I can remember, holdouts have been a huge part of the NFL offseason. A player who is unhappy with his contract decides to sit out mandatory offseason workouts; if he doesn’t get a new deal, sometimes he’ll miss games within the NFL season itself. Let’s look[Read More…]

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4 Years Later, Ruling Is Still Wrong

On Thursday, the NHL released a statement saying that it was changing the penalty that was assessed to the New Jersey Devils regarding a free agent signing that they made almost four years ago. They are not removing the penalty, which involves the signing of a player who has since[Read More…]

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Leagues Prioritize Offense

‘I did not think the changes would be this dramatic.” That quote was from Keith Dambrot, head coach for the Akron men’s basketball team. Dambrot was speaking in reference to the new NCAA rules cutting out all hand-checking on the perimeter and almost cutting out all charges, but what’s most[Read More…]

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MLBPA Fails Young Talent

“ Here is a good trivia question to ask a Major League Baseball fan: How much more money is Stephen Drew guaranteed next year than Mike Trout? Before I give the answer, you should know that Drew is a slightly above-average shortstop with seven years of big league experience. He[Read More…]

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Expansion’s Real Meaning

Recently, Toronto Maple Leafs CEO Tim Leiweke spoke about the NHL’s expansion plans, saying that two teams could be added in the near future. Like many, I’m skeptical of Las Vegas and Kansas City, Mo., two of the most likely destinations. Las Vegas is a warm weather city, where the[Read More…]

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