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Endorsing a Return to the Plural Voice

This past week, the Georgetown University Student Association learned of changes affecting student representation on the Georgetown University board of directors. Administrators informed the student representatives on the board’s Main Campus Affairs Committee that they would no longer be allowed to regularly attend committee meetings and would instead be working[Read More…]

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Students Deserve DC Voice

We students often forget the strong influence we have on local politics and on the community beyond the campus gates. In just under 50 days, Washington, D.C. residents — including many Georgetown students — will go to the polls to elect the District of Columbia’s next mayor. And while the[Read More…]

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A New Game of Kick the Can

A New Game of Kick the Can

College students are well aware of the economic challenges facing our generation. Rising tuition is causing record student loan debt totaling more than $1 trillion. Here at Georgetown, 39 percent of students graduate with student loan debt. The average balance of this debt? $28,035. Unemployment among Americans between the ages[Read More…]

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Think Twice About Supporting Jack Evans

Jack Evans may be looking for a second chance. We ought to think twice before giving him one. The Ward 2 councilman announced his Washington, D.C. mayoral campaign yesterday at the French restaurant Le Diplomate in Logan Circle. As an official who has represented Georgetown for over two decades in the D.C.[Read More…]

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Hopeful Look on Obama’s Second Term

We have heard the same refrains over and over again: “The magic of 2008 is gone. His supporters feel disenchanted.” Certainly there’s some truth to this. There was not as much enthusiasm for a Barack Obama candidacy in 2012 as there was in 2008, and there will certainly be less[Read More…]

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