Foggy Bottom and Downtown: Student Life Flourishes Alongside Performing Arts

Downtown Washington, D.C., has surprises for locals as well as tourists, and Foggy Bottom has more to offer District residents than just The George Washington University. These neighborhoods house quintessential D.C. destinations like the Kennedy Center and the Daughters of the American Revolution Constitution Hall, as well as lesser-known gems like Landmark E Street Cinema. A little exploring reveals Foggy Bottom and surrounding D.C. neighborhoods to be an enclave of entertainment, performing arts and cultural significance that speaks to the diverse aspects of life in D.C.


Rosslyn and Arlington: Memorials, Hiking, Views Await Across the Bridge

Peering across the Potomac river from the Hilltop, high-rise buildings touting corporate names like Deloitte and Nestle dominate the horizon. The northern Virginia skyline might catch student’s eye, but to understand the heart of Rosslyn, a heavily urbanized neighborhood just across the Key Bridge, one must venture across the bridge.