To the Editor:

The “Georgetown Day 2012” blog and “Save Georgetown Day” Facebook posts calling out Senior Class Committee Chair Chris Butterfield were inappropriate and immature, falling far short of the standard of discourse to which Georgetown students should hold themselves.

Full disclosure here: I am proud to call myself one of Chris’ longtime friends, which is exactly why I feel so strongly that the criticism of his email was completely out of line.

Georgetown aims to produce men and women for others. These are not empty promises. Every day student leaders like Chris pour their hearts and souls into making Georgetown a better place. Georgetown Day is the culmination of efforts made by him and many others to bring all of us a campus-wide celebration. Make no mistake; without Chris’ efforts and leadership, Georgetown Day, in any form, would not exist this year.

It takes a lot of courage to sign your name to an unpopular proposal. None of us are completely happy with the way Georgetown Day turned out this year, but whether you agree with the administration’s approach or not, we all should pay some respect to the work and time dedicated by the people who made this day happen. Everyone has his right to an opinion, but debate over an important issue shouldn’t consist of snarky, underhanded comments about an individual, as opposed to discussing the issue itself.

Great points have been made on both sides and I hope that the discussion continues. We have every right to express our frustrations, disappointment or even anger. But attempting to humiliate — from behind the veil of anonymity — someone who had the courage to bridge the gap between students and administrators is unacceptable. By all means, have a full-throated argument about the merits of Georgetown Day, but leave the pettiness at home. Your fellow students deserve nothing less.

Michael Barclay (COL ’12)

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