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BELGA PRODUCTIONS | Despite standout performances by Jessie Eisenberg and Alex Skarsgard, "The Hummingbird Project" gets caught up in technical details that hurt the plot.

‘The Hummingbird Project’ Loses Focus, Manages to Entertain

In a world of high-stakes trading, where Wall Street looms large in the thoughts and ambitions of most individuals and high-speed transactions let people make millions instantly, greed, ambition and madness rule. A fraction of a second can mean huge earnings or losses, and different players will go to crazy[Read More…]

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Bill Hader’s ‘Barry’ Focuses on Characters in 2nd Season

“Barry,” the dark comedy series starring “Saturday Night Live” alumnus Bill Hader, returns March 31 for a second season that dives deeper into the psyche of a hitman attempting to erase his past wrongdoings. The HBO series focuses on the emotional trauma and history that we all carry everyday, despite[Read More…]

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WALT DISNEY PICTURES | Disney's "Dumbo," brought back to theaters with Tim Burton's distinct artistic eye, is an uplifting family film that will visually stun.

Burton’s ‘Dumbo’ Moves Audiences, Visually Stuns

★★★★☆ Renowned director and producer Tim Burton returned to the cinemas March 29 after a three-year absence with “Dumbo,” a remake of the 1941 animated Disney film. The plot captures a beautiful parallel of familial love between Dumbo and his mother and that of Holt Farrier, played by Colin Farrell,[Read More…]

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FLUME/FACEBOOK | In his first release since 2016, Australian producer Flume, above, explores a more experimental side of electronica on his mixtape “Hi This Is Flume.” Shying away from centering lyrics and other conventional elements of songwriting, Flume puts his usual aesthetic to the side as he focuses on edgy songs that challenge industry expectations.

‘Hi This Is Flume’ Pushes Limits of Electronica

★★★★☆ Australian electronic music producer Flume is back with a new mixtape, titled “Hi This Is Flume.” Ever since his 2012 hits “Holdin On” and “Sleepless,” Flume dove headfirst into the mainstream of electronic beats and has remained a key player in the electronica scene. However, it has been three[Read More…]

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IMDB | In "The Highwaymen," director John Lee Hancock, above, decides to present a new take on the infamous Bonnie and Clyde tale by following the perspectives of the men who caught them.

Director, Screenwriter Talk Process, Gender Roles, Morality in ‘The Highwaymen’

The Hoya sat down with director John Lee Hancock and screenwriter John Fusco to discuss the pair’s motivations and approach to crafting “The Highwaymen.” The film is a captivating tale following former Texas Rangers Frank Hamer, played by Kevin Costner, and Maney Gault, played by Woody Harrelson, on their hunt[Read More…]

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LADAWNA HOWARD/FACEBOOK | Psychics have a strong presence in the Georgetown area, with several shops just a short walk away on both Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. The shops offer services from tarot card readings to communicating with departed loved ones.

Georgetown Psychics Offer Guidance, Entertainment

Just beyond the front gates, Georgetown University students come across several psychic shops on neighboring Wisconsin Avenue and M Street. Within 3 miles of the Hilltop, students can find 12 locations for tarot card readings, palmistry and promises of connecting with those who have passed away. From fortune tellers and[Read More…]

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Ye Bin Won

AFTER HOURS: Friendship Macaron Cafe Offers Cute, Tasty Sweets

Strolling into Friendship Macaron Cafe, the first thing I saw was pink. It’s so aggressively pink everywhere — the alcove, the door, the chairs — that it took a minute for me to absorb it all. The untainted bright white walls and the smell of fresh paint made the 18th[Read More…]

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Kathryn Baker

NOVEL IDEAS: ‘The Quarry Wood’ Emphasizes the Power of Education

At the beginning of March, I hit an academic wall. Having coasted through two months at St. Andrews with relative ease, I suddenly found myself bombarded by deadlines for essays, my thesis proposal and my application to Georgetown’s accelerated graduate program. I was floundering, and I couldn’t seem to shake[Read More…]

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@GABIDEVEREAUX/INSTAGRAM | Peter Sagar, formerly Mac DeMarco’s guitarist, above, performed at the Black Cat and impressed audiences with his lo-fi synth sound and passionate, unapologetic personality. His music reflects his interest in experimentation, the avant-garde and surrealism, resulting in a hazy and dazed effect.

Despite Criticism, Homeshake’s Synth Sound Appeals

Homeshake, the solo musical project by Peter Sagar, made its second performance in Washington, D.C., at the Black Cat on Sunday, March 24. Although Homeshake has lacked the support of critical validation recently, the negative responses have hardly shifted the fervor of his listeners, who continue to be drawn to[Read More…]

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PETE HOLMES | In his HBO comedy “Crashing,” based on his own comedic career, Pete Holmes, above, portrayed the ups and downs of trying to make it big in an uninviting industry. Holmes hopes other comedians will find comfort in seeing his own failures on the way to success.

Pete Holmes Reflects on Sharing His Story Through Television

In an age of increasing interest in comedy, Pete Holmes continues to solidify his place among the best of the generation. His show on HBO, “Crashing,” which ended its final season March 10, chronicles a fictionalized version of Holmes’ own bumpy ride to comedic success. The show explores many of[Read More…]

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