NAACP CEO Promotes Cooperation in Activism

Joint activism between blacks and Jews is critical to maintain a long-standing relationship, according to National Association for the Advancement of Colored People CEO and President Cornell Brooks at an event hosted by the Georgetown Center for Jewish Civilization on Wednesday.“When we think about this relationship between blacks and Jews,[Read More…]

Top Multimedia of 2015: Editors’ Picks

Best of Multimedia UNC Vigils Luther-Rohan Campaign Party Clinton Talks Obama at Georgetown Bernie Sanders at Georgetown

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Taylor Tries Out a ‘Feminist’ Beauty Routine

Taylor Tries Out a ‘Feminist’ Beauty Routine

Recently I changed my position from part-time to full-time feminist. While I had always believed in the core tenets of feminism (like that women should be considered equal to men, which is also known as simply being a decent person who believes in basic human rights”), I usually never acted[Read More…]

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Humble Beginnings and Printed Skylines

Humble Beginnings and Printed Skylines

You’ve just arrived home after being away for a long time. You get off the plane or start driving through your hometown and you begin to recognize the things around you. The weather, the buildings, the people — they are all familiar in some way. You get excited about whom[Read More…]



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DC Reads Spring Fling

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Rally for Trayvon Martin

Rally for Trayvon Martin

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Students Protest at General Petraeus Address

Students Protest at General Petraeus Address

On Thursday, January 21, 2010, General David Petraeus addressed Georgetown students and faculty in Gaston Hall. Approximately 10 student protestors gathered inside and outside Gaston to condemn Petraeus’s strategy in the Middle East and the university’s decision to invite him.

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