Flex Dollars Too Rigid

Although many students jump at the chance to dine anywhere but O’Donovan Hall, being required to purchase $50 to $100 worth of Flex Dollars as part of a meal plan is not a tasteful solution. Georgetown’s Flex Dollars program should be discontinued, and the savings should go toward reducing the[Read More…]

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Pricey Parents’ Weekend

On the surface, scheduling a weekend for parents of students to visit the Hilltop and reunite with their children seems like a thoughtful gesture from the university. After all, what better way to thank parents for paying roughly $60,000 in tuition fees than to present them with the dividends? The[Read More…]

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Study Sciences Abroad

With the opening of Regents Hall and talk of expanding the School of Medicine, Georgetown is clearly invested in fostering the study of the sciences on campus. Yet the university does not offer enough resources for science majors who wish to take their studies beyond the Hilltop. The Office of[Read More…]

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GUSA Executive Excels

The Georgetown University Student Association struggles with a fundamental image problem: No matter its efforts to communicate, GUSA’s constituents rarely appreciate the limitations of its power, making it difficult for students to fairly evaluate GUSA leaders. Eight months after winning an election marked by the highest voter turnout in GUSA[Read More…]

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Extending Dorm Choice to Freshmen

As campus is again flooded with prospective and admitted students, tour guides will point out the four freshman dorms and explain how each has unique perks and disadvantages. But what prospective students aren’t told is that even after being shown these possibilities, they will have no say in where they[Read More…]

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Continuity Across Course Sections

There’s a problem with “The Problem of God.” Because professors are given the freedom to choose the material covered in introductory theology classes, there’s an element of unpredictability in how much work they will assign. While specific course material should be left to the discretion of each professor, such classes should[Read More…]

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Opening the Front Gates

D.C. has the potential to be a great college town — but for that to happen, Georgetown can’t isolate itself as a city on a hill. In order to reap the benefits of our proximity to other universities, students should do more to take advantage of the resources offered by[Read More…]

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It’s Not Easy Being Green

It may be that students are interested in sustainability, but initiatives like the Switch It Off Challenge have left us in the dark. The new Georgetown University Student Association executive team, Clara Gustafson (SFS ’13) and Vail Kohnert-Yount (SFS ’13), has emphasized sustainability on campus But the challenge of making Georgetown more environmentally-friendly is[Read More…]

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Georgetown’s Budding Sustainability Efforts

We don’t have to wait for April showers to see flowers here at Georgetown. An attractive campus can create a positive impression on prospective students and boost morale for current ones. But Georgetown needs to continue eco-friendly efforts to provide the flowers that color campus and improve the sustainability of[Read More…]

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Some Things Better Left Unprinted

For the first time in 10 months, the stacks outside the Intercultural Center, in Lauinger Library and in the Leavey Center are filled each morning with daily copies of The New York Times, The Washington Post and USA Today. In one of their first initiatives since the election, the new[Read More…]

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