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Trade Exemplifies Changing League

While Alexander Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby have always garnered the most attention since the 2004-2005 lockout, Martin St. Louis was just as instrumental in the motivation behind reshaping and restructuring the NHL. St. Louis was everything the league wanted out of its modified game: speed, finesse, elusiveness and intelligence. On[Read More…]

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NFL Benefits From Holdouts

For as long as I can remember, holdouts have been a huge part of the NFL offseason. A player who is unhappy with his contract decides to sit out mandatory offseason workouts; if he doesn’t get a new deal, sometimes he’ll miss games within the NFL season itself. Let’s look[Read More…]

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NCAA Football Needs Its Own March Madness

Football is highest on the perch when it comes to money and popularity in college athletics. But when it comes to crowning a champion, football has always fallen far below its competitors, namely basketball. March Madness is the perfect blend of youthful optimism and big-time entertainment. It dominates the airwaves[Read More…]

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4 Years Later, Ruling Is Still Wrong

On Thursday, the NHL released a statement saying that it was changing the penalty that was assessed to the New Jersey Devils regarding a free agent signing that they made almost four years ago. They are not removing the penalty, which involves the signing of a player who has since[Read More…]

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NFL Needs to Change PAT

In a sport filled with strategic and necessary stalls, the Point After Touchdown is a colossal waste of time. Kickers converted 99.6 percent of their PATs this past season, inviting the question as to why the NFL even bothers to keep the ordeal in place. After all, it’s just another[Read More…]

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Expansion’s Real Meaning

Recently, Toronto Maple Leafs CEO Tim Leiweke spoke about the NHL’s expansion plans, saying that two teams could be added in the near future. Like many, I’m skeptical of Las Vegas and Kansas City, Mo., two of the most likely destinations. Las Vegas is a warm weather city, where the[Read More…]

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Chiefs: Undefeated for Now

Halfway through the NFL regular season, it is hard to believe that the Kansas City Chiefs are the only team with an undefeated record. In the AFC West, everyone focused on the high-powered Broncos offense, and analysts gave little thought that another team could challenge them for the division lead.[Read More…]

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Stadiums Not Worth the Cost

When NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was recently asked if he would prefer a franchise in Los Angeles or London, he replied, “I want both.” A byproduct of NFL expansion is the renewed focus on stadium construction. Cities hoping to attract a franchise are building stadiums, while cities with struggling franchises[Read More…]

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Blowouts Are a Reality of Sports, Not Bullying

Ninety-one to zero. That was the final score of a Texas high school football game last week between undefeated Aledo and winless Western Hills. The game was essentially over in the first quarter, and the score was already 56-0 at halftime. A week after the game, a parent from Western[Read More…]

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Dominican Republic Stands in Way at WBC

Devoid of its own World Cup and denied inclusion in the most recent Summer Olympics, baseball lacked a consistent and legitimate world showcase until the creation of the World Baseball Classic in 2006. The tournament will occur for the third time in 2013, running from March 2 to March 19[Read More…]

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