This past Saturday, Hoyas for Immigrant Rights participated in a march from the front gates of the Hilltop to the front gates of the White House in opposition to current immigration policies that have forced the deportation of over two million individuals from the United States.

Hoyas for Immigrant Rights is one of many Georgetown groups that has come out in support of comprehensive immigration reform on a national level. Georgetown University administrators, faculty members and students alike have pointed to our university’s Jesuit heritage as a valuable impetus to act in support of the movement to make the United States a more welcoming country for immigrants.

Saturday’s rally represents a significant moment in the movement for immigrant rights. In this case, the activist student population and the university administration — which have sometimes been at odds in their political convictions — have been able to show a strong front on this particular issue.

This is one case in which the university’s Jesuit heritage strongly supports a particular policy — a case in which “men and women for others” is a direct call to action. It is encouraging to see Georgetown at the forefront of the debate on immigrant rights.

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