IMDb Brent Craft (MSB '08) continues his career in the film field with a new D.C.-based project titled "lady-like."
Brent Craft (MSB ’08) continues his career in the film world with a new D.C.-based project titled “lady-like.”

While Georgetown may not have a film school, or even a film major, the community has still been impressive in the field. Brent Craft (MSB ’08) has returned to the city of his alma mater to film a new independent project titled “lady-like” with a team of several fellow Hoyas. Craft and his team have begun to pave the way for their concept with a strong team and an impressive Kickstarter campaign that will help them shoot in D.C.

Our tagline has been: ‘Bridesmaids’ meets ‘Superbad.’” said associate producer Nick Alfieri (MSB ’15) when asked to describe “lady-like.” The film will be a college buddy comedy about the drama that unfolds when a relationship intrudes on a friendship. Inspired by a group of female friends that lived next to the “lady-like” creators in college, the film focuses on funny situations between Allie, Kort, and Kort’s new romantic interest, Daniel.

From producer Matthew Nemeth (COL ’07) to associate producers, Matt Kelly (COL ’08) and Alfieri, Craft’s team exemplifies Hoya talent. While Craft himself has been involved in Hollywood creations like James Frey’s Fiction Factory and “Friday Night Lights,” Nemeth, too, has been involved in the formative process of films such as “The Social Network,” “Moneyball,” and “Moonrise Kingdom.” At the same time, adding some diversity to the team, Kelly has a background in history and education, while Alfieri was named to this past season’s All-Patriot League team and continued to be a leader on the University football team as a linebacker. Based in D.C., the project will likely benefit from the impressive array of experiences and talents that this team has in the area.

However, Hoyas are not the only impressive members of the “lady-like” project. Casting and auditioning are ongoing according to Alfieri, but the current actors involved show off some of the potential talent. Sarah Moliski regularly does stand-up in D.C. while training at the Maggie Flanigan Acting Conservatory, and she recently starred in a short film that will premiere at the Cannes International Film Festival in 2015. Maddie McGuire has participated in multiple commercials, shorts, and starred in a recent feature horror film titled “Trace.” An acting graduate of the University of Southern California, Nick Clark, a regular on Cinemax’s “The Girl’s Guide to Depravity,” will also be in on “lady-like.”

Alfieri stated that the “lady-like” team began a Kickstarter campaign in an attempt to supplement approximately half of their budget. Their efforts have been rewarded impressively; having set a goal of $56,000 by May 16, they have amassed $53,960 from only 255 donors as of April 30. Their funding has even caught the eyes of Kickstarter’s own team, as “lady-like” was selected to be a Kickstarter Staff Pick.

With a fulfilled budget, the film will likely be able to stick to their production schedule, which includes completing shooting in about 15 days, between May 18 and May 31. The “lady-like” crew will spend much of that time right around campus in the Georgetown neighborhood shooting what they need. In fact, with so much of the film shot in the local neighborhood, there will be multiple opportunities for individuals to show up and participate as extras. “Whoever’s going to be here during those two weeks if people are still on campus or in town, we’re going to need Georgetown students” Alfieri said.

The intriguing process behind “lady-like” has attracted a group of talented Hoyas and non-Hoyas alike to come together in the campus neighborhood and create a film. Shooting hasn’t even started yet, but the community-based involvement for this project is enough to make it worth keeping up with.

From Kickstarter support to performing as an extra, there are abundant opportunities for Hoyas to get further involved in the creation of “lady-like.” To do so, one can check the Kickstarter page itself or contact Nick Alfieri ([email protected]).

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