A group of students will launch The Georgetown Review tomorrow as Georgetown’s first-ever daily conservative publication.

In an effort to broaden its readership base, Editor-in-Chief of The Georgetown Review Kevin Toohers (COL ’17)said The Georgetown Review will not be directly associated with the Georgetown University College Republicans, unlike The Right Way.

The publication, which will publish online daily, builds off the GUCR’s former official online publication, The Right Way, which was founded in 2013 and discontinued this summer.

The Review will launch with 10 to 12 writers, two editors and an editor-in-chief — a larger staff than The Right Way’s ten-person staff during its peak. The Georgetown Review plans to hire more writers as the publication grows.

Toohers said he hopes to establish The Georgetown Review as a serious medium for conservative dialogue on pressing political issues.

“The inspiration for The Georgetown Review occurred with an awareness that we needed a more robust platform to get our message across and to have a more influential voice on campus,” Toohers said. “The changes we’ve made to this conservative publication will allow us to build a prominent voice through an expanded staff and updated and sleeker website, and greater depth of coverage.”

Danny Travers (COL ’18), who will serve as an editor for the publication, said The Georgetown Review will aim to focus on topics that do not appear on headlines in national newspapers.

“My goal, anyway, is to provide a broader perspective of plurality of ideas on Georgetown’s campus,” Travers said.

The Georgetown University College Democrats currently publish the GU Progressive as their official publication, which was launched in 2009.

“Anything being written or published isn’t going to the broader campus, it’s being pushed inside of these organizations. With The Georgetown Review, we want to bring it outside of the College Republicans and bring it into a central role as a publication on campus,” Toohers said.

According to Toohers, The Georgetown Review will help fill a void by serving as a publication devoted solely to politics.

“While Georgetown prides itself on being a politically engaged campus, its political publications have often fallen short,” Toohers said. “If we look at the current landscape of political publications, The Right Way and The GU Progressive haven’t played large roles in influencing political conversations. The Georgetown Review will be critical in enhancing political discussion.”

Former Editor-in-Chief of The Right Way Alex Robledo (COL ’17) said the community would significantly benefit with a political publication. Robledo said he expected a stronger presence of outlets for political expression on campus given the amount of political activity at Georgetown.

“Coming to Georgetown, I expected that the Democrats and Republicans would have publications like the Progressive and The Right Way set up,” Robledo said. “The publications play a minor role in terms of campus dialogue.”

Correction: This article previously stated Alex Robledo (COL ’17) was female, Robledo is male. This article also previously stated The Right Way was founded in 2015; it was founded in 2013. 

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