4060133908Macaron Bee | 1669 Wisconsin Ave. NW

Serving up sweets just as cute as its name, MacaronBee is located in an adorable yellow house on the north side of Wisconsin Avenue. This boutique, operated by a husband and wife team of bakers, sells a variety of colorful, gluten-free macarons — French confections similar in size and shape to an Oreo — that, at least in this establishment, you can tell are handcrafted with the loving attention they deserve.

Each macaron sandwiches a smooth filling — sometimes jam, sometimes cream — between two slightly crisp outer shells that give way to a chewy base. MacaronBee steps up this French classic with a range of incredibly unique flavors from basic vanilla to rose and milk chocolate earl grey. I especially enjoyed the fleur desel caramel, which creates a balance between the saltiness of caramel, the sweetness of cream filling and the crunchiness of the hard cookie exterior.

The pistachio literally melts in your mouth, as the mild tang of the nut mix blends with the delicate sugariness of vanilla butter.

Though these delights are a bit on the expensive side — it costs $1.75 for one macaron and $10.50 for six, before tax — Macaron Bee is definitely worth trying.

Crepeaway | 2001 L St. NW

A favorite among GW students, Crepeaway offers both savory and sweet options that are reasonably priced — any two-crepe-and-drink combo is $11. These delicious takes on the thin French pancake are served warm and in cones so that you can eat them with your hands. For those who want to try something new, the Carlyn made with Nutella, marshmallows and crushed Oreos and the Manjo, made with nutella, bananas and crushed vanilla cookies are sure to leave you full and content.

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