As Georgetown continues its push to become more tech savvy, the university should consider developing an online application to match.

Although Georgetown abstains from the Common Application in order to encourage only truly interested students to apply, its own online application — reminiscent of early 1990s HTML — is dismally rudimentary and far from user friendly.

Further, the university does not provide admission decisions online and only notifies students through the mail, forcing students who are traveling or are simply away from their mailing addresses to experience unnecessary stress before receiving their decisions.

Regular decision letters are typically sent during many high schools’ spring breaks — a time students often use to attend accepted students weekends at schools from which they have already heard back, or to go on vacation.

Mailing letters is a tradition the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has preserved in an effort to make the process more personal, and there is something gratifying and elegant about receiving a physical letter signifying acceptance to a prestigious university.

But sometimes snail mail pushes an already tantalizing process over the top, and Georgetown can make an effort to curtail the anticipation for some hyper-stressed high schoolers.

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