The Department of Public Safety has selected Talib Abdur-Rahim as their new crime prevention coordinator. The position, which was created in 2009, focuses on community policing and nontraditional methods for solving crime problems, according to InterHall General Assemblyman Dalvin Butler (COL ’13).

Abdur-Rahim said that he hopes to create positive ties with different parts of the community.

“I applied because I thought and think that I will do a good job in the position, and saw the need for someone who had an inclusive approach and was willing to meet the students and other community members where they are,” Abdur-Rahim wrote in an email. “I believe that it is crucially important that we have trust, respect and communication as a basis in our partnerships.”

Abdur-Rahim came to Georgetown at the beginning of the Fall 2010 semester as a patrol sergeant, and he is transferring to the new position from his role as patrol operations shift supervisor. He previously spent three years as a supervisor at the American University Public Safety Department. He is also working on a master’s degree in International Training and Education.

Butler expressed excitement at Abdur-Rahim’s appointment.

“In this capacity, being responsive and interacting with the Georgetown University community is paramount, and [Abdur-Rahim] plans to score a home run,” Butler wrote in an email.

Butler said the new crime prevention coordinator plans to work with InterHall and other student organizations to ensure safety in residence halls.

DPS Associate Director Joseph Smith also emphasized the community partnerships that will define Abdur-Rahim’s role. The crime prevention coordinator is expected to serve as a liaison officer with student associations, Student Affairs, Residence Life, Off Campus Student Life and Facilities. Such cooperation, Smith said, will serve to involve the greater Georgetown Community and lead to more effective problem-solving using logical thinking and unconventional ideas.

“The anticipated net result is twofold: a reduction or elimination of a crime problem, and the empowerment of our students, faculty and staff to work as equal partners in this process,” Smith wrote in an email.

Smith served as DPS’s first crime prevention coordinator, according to Butler. Abdur-Rahim will replace Sgt. Eric Threlkeld, according to Smith.

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