The newly elected Georgetown University Student Association executives Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Greg Laverriere (COL ’12) outlined their goals for the upcoming year at Saturday’s Senate meeting, ushering in a new era in student government.

According to Meaney, funding reform and student space are the two biggest issues that the pair plans to tackle.

“I really hope that we continue to improve upon the funding reform from the last two years and make sure that is allocated efficiently and that more students have access to it.

I think student space is a big concern that we are going to working actively on. There are already a lot of good things in progress that we hope to continue,” Meaney said.

At their swearing-in ceremony, the duo spoke with enthusiasm about their new responsibilities and their hopes for the coming year.

“Greg and I are excited to hit the ground running.  Part of the reason why we ran is that we have the appropriate amount of experience on the inside and outside of GUSA,” Meaney said in an interview with The Hoya.

“It still hasn’t fully set in, but I am incredibly humbled that Mike and I have this opportunity to work on behalf of the students, and I’m confident that we won’t let them down and we’ll be their largest advocates, and fight the hardest on their behalf,” Laverriere said.

Former GUSA Vice President Jason Kluger (MSB ’11) was in attendance and expressed his enthusiasm for the new candidates. He and former President Calen Angert (MSB ’11) formally endorsed the pair in a viewpoint published on The Hoya’s website last week.

“I’m really excited about Mike and Greg, and I think they will be able to do a lot for the students,” Kluger said.

Kluger also stated he trusts Meaney and Laverriere to continue his and Angert’s legacy.

“I think GUSA still needs a lot of work for the inside, and I think it needs to keep moving in the direction where it is a credible organization where others can look at it, trust it and support it as it continues to try to make changes to help the student body,” Kluger said.

Other members of the Senate also expressed their support for the new executive team.

“Mike and Greg fundamentally deserve to win with their experience and years that they put in,” Steven Taft (SFS ’13), a member of the Meaney-Laverriere campaign, said.

“I think this is a great step for the future for GUSA.  I’m so excited to be working with Mike and Greg, and I’m looking forward to doing great things in the future,” Senate speaker Adam Mortillaro (COL ’12) said.

The GUSA Senate elected Colton Malkerson (COL ’13), the senator for Reynolds Hall, as the new chair of the Finance and Appropriations Committee, a position formerly occupied by Laverriere. Matt Morris (SFS ’14) also joined the committee in order to fill Laverriere’s vacant seat.

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