Juan Martinez (left, COL ’20) and Kenna Chick (COL ’20) announced their administration’s executive Oct. 21.

The Georgetown University Student Association announced the names of its 13 new executive board members Oct. 21.

These executive positions were left vacant following the Sept. 11 resignation of former GUSA President Sahil Nair (SFS ’19) and the Sept. 14 resignations of former GUSA Vice President Naba Rahman (SFS ’19) and Chief of Staff Aaron Bennett (COL ’19).

After ascending to the positions of president and vice president respectively, Juan Martinez (COL ’20) and Kenna Chick (COL ’20) released applications for the executive board Oct. 7.

Chick and Martinez aim to focus the administration’s efforts on three primary tenets: transparency, health and advocacy, according to Chick.

Chick and Martinez appointed Alejandro Garcia Escobar (SFS ’21) as chief of staff, and Anna Naiyapatana (SFS ’21) as executive treasurer. Varsha Menon (SFS ’21) will serve as the director of student engagement, and Nav Khaira (COL ’21) will be the deputy director of student engagement.

Jack Pelose (COL ’19) and Casey Doherty (COL ’20) will serve as the director of university affairs and the director of campus affairs, respectively. Darcy Palder (COL ’21) has been appointed director of communications, and Victoria McFadden (SFS ’20) will take over the position of director of student affairs. Madison Alvarez (COL ’21) and Sonia Adjroud (SFS ’20) will serve as co-directors of student activism.

The new executive board held a GUSA Expo on Oct. 21 to introduce themselves to the student body and highlight opportunities for students to get involved in GUSA.

McFadden wants to use her role in GUSA to establish fundraising programs to benefit students, such as the Hoya Hub, Georgetown’s on-campus student-run food pantry, she said.

Menon hopes to ensure that GUSA can be more representative of all students at Georgetown and that it will serve the diverse student body of the university.

“I’m hoping to use my position as director of student engagement to encourage greater representation of diverse and intersectional voices on this campus, while simultaneously establishing stronger relationships with the student body,” Menon said. “As this current administration works to rebuild a lot of the issues that have weakened GUSA, we as senior staff hope to do more for the student body by reaching out to them.”

The student engagement team plans to improve relations between GUSA and the student body through outreach efforts, according to Menon.

“My team and I are working to have more transparent outreach to the Georgetown community,” Menon said. “We would also like to provide feedback avenues so we can better learn how to serve Georgetown.”

In an email to all undergraduate students, members of the GUSA executive encouraged students to contact any member of the executive board with projects in which they are interested.

“Please do not hesitate to reach out to any one of us, we are so excited to work with you,” GUSA executive members wrote.

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