This year’s candidates for the Georgetown University Student Association senate launched their campaigns Wednesday. The Hoya reached out to each of them to hear about their goals for their campaigns and the superpowers they wished they had. Each candidate was emailed the following seven questions. Responses were edited only for grammar and formatting. 

– What is your reason for running for GUSA senate?

– What are your goals for your term in GUSA, if elected?

– What is the biggest challenge the Georgetown student body currently faces?

– What is your campaign platform in three words?

– What is your favorite Leo’s dish?

– What is your favorite study spot?

– What would your superpower be?


James Gadea (SFS ’16)Reynolds Hall

– I am currently running for the senate because I feel that senator Palpatine’s rising power is threatening the existence of our prosperous Republic.

– First, I would like to introduce straws into Leo’s. I think the transmission of colds will be greatly curtailed by this implementation. Second, “The Lord of the Rings” Day on Healy Lawn. THREE MOVIES. ONE DAY. ONE RING. Third, I think it would be a good idea to start a tree-planting program on campus. In 20 years or so, trees planted today could have a huge impact on making this campus look even more lively and beautiful.

– Bear attacks.

– Bears. Beets. “Battlestar Galactica.” (It counts as three words — trust me.)

– Definitely the bowl. It’s perfect for holding ice cream, soup, fruit or really anything you want!

– Study rooms in Reynolds Hall. Ay yo, shout out to my people in Reynolds! #youknowwhereitsat #reyrey #hookyoboyupwithsomevotes

– The “That’s So Raven” power.


Kelsey Jones (COL ’15)LXR Hall

– I have been at Georgetown for a year. I have seen things I want to change, such as how Leo’s is this year versus last. I have seen things that the senate has been a part of that I really enjoy, for example, the farmers market. And I know of new things that I want to be involved in, like the New South Student Center. I am running for senate to try and change the things I and the other students of LXR don’t like and to make sure we get to be a part of the changes at Georgetown.

– If there is something that I don’t think is right, I want to do something about it. Last year, I didn’t even know who my senator in New South was, so I never knew who to talk to. I want to change that, and I want the students in LXR to actually have a say in how Georgetown works, so my goal is to make sure we do.

– Not sure about the student body as a whole, but I feel like a pretty big challenge for those of us who live in LXR is getting the motivation to walk all the way to campus for class.

– Change, involvement, information.

– Mozzarella and tomato sandwich! (Not the wrap …)

– LXR roof.

– Teleportation!


Emma Iannini (SFS ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– Improving GUSA as a liaison between the GU student body and the sometimes unresponsive, aloof administration that we now have. More specifically: cleaning up the mess that is Leo’s, pushing for better access to women’s health care for GU students, encouraging the administration to move into the 21st century with regards to information technology.

– Roll-over swipes for meal plans, get the university to pressure ARAMARK to listen to its employees and thereby improve the quality of the student experience at Leo’s.

– Dealing with an administration that at times seems very removed from the needs and concerns of students.

– Fix our cafeteria!

– The panini maker (because my last name is Iannini, of course).

– Healy Lawn.

– Speaking all languages fluently.


Cannon Warren (SFS ’14)At-Large

– To make sure there’s one sane (or maybe insane) person on the senate. I want GooSA to focus on student issues, like lack of representation in Georgetown/neighborhood talks, as opposed to changing our bylaws.

– Oppose/squash any legislation changing GooSA bylaws. Direct more money to student groups.

– The fact that GooSA is a collection of elected student lobbyists and have no meaningful power. Case in point: the current “clear and convincing” scandal.

– Stop the BS.

– Stolen Leo’s food.

– Why would I tell you my best secret?

– Make Todd Olson do what’s best for students.


Chandini Jha (COL ’16)New South Hall/VCW

– For those of you who don’t know me, or more realistically, can’t pronounce my name, I’m Chandini Jha (Chan-duh-nee). I’m a freshman in the College running for senator in the New South/VCW district.

– “I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be happy. …” No, wait — Chandini actually does go here. I’m running for GUSA because I genuinely care about the students. Our Georgetown experience is what we shape it to be, and I want everyone to feel like a part of the Georgetown community.

– An easier way of navigating MyAccess’s bureaucracy during registration, such as a blog with updated information on which classes have no waitlists and are open for students to enroll. Extended grab ’n’ go hours with more options of things to choose from would be fantastic, especially for foodie kids like me. In that same vein, I’d love to eat in a dining hall that’s up to government code! We need to create a way for Leo’s to be held accountable to the student body, since we are paying for our food through tuition.

– Going to bed at a reasonable hour!

– Chocolate chip cookies! (Stay posted, New South/VCW residents.)

– Anything from The Wok! It woks my world!

– Midnight Mug, sipping an Anna Karenina … maybe doing homework in the bargain!

– Flight! Though the bugs in my teeth could get old. Is the ability to nap a super power?


George Spyropoulos (COL ’14)At-Large

– The GUSA senate needs to be connected to the student body; awareness and responsiveness are crucial to a healthy representative institution. The undergraduate government must be constantly up to date on students’ ever-changing needs and concerns. More than that, they must effectively respond to the issues that are pertinent to the student body. As an at-large senator, I will work to bridge the gap between Georgetown students and their government.

– I will work to establish the “senate forum” a concrete avenue through which students will be able to easily, frequently and openly express their concerns and ideas. All students will be welcome to attend the weekly meetings; they will be briefed on GUSA developments and will be given ample floor time to introduce issues they feel the senate should be involved in. The forum committee will then bring the issues discussed to the attention of the senate at the beginning of its next session. Moreover, I will work to include groups that have been excluded from GUSA in the past, such as international and exchange students, by holding special forum sessions. Lastly, I hope to safeguard Georgetown students’ interests by increasing GUSA involvement in the implementation of policy affecting tuition and financial aid, as well as to advocate for working students’ rights.

– Having our voice heard in administrative decisions that affect our everyday life.


– Anything served by the wonderful Stacey!

– Med school library, because seeing the med students reminds me that things could be worse.

– Turning water into coffee.


Faher Elfayez (COL ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– I want to drive people crazy with all the posters I am going to hang. JK! I am extremely far away from home, and I understand that our dorms are now our homes; we spend most of our time in them. I really want to be part of making our lives better and easier in the dorm and contribute in making it our new home.

– There are so many things that I would like to see made better in the dorms. For example, showers and bathrooms are disgusting. Maybe we could have them cleaned twice a day and on weekends.

– At Georgetown, we are too overwhelmed with what’s always going on, but we simply need to stop and enjoy what we were given.

– Clean the bathrooms.

– Make-your-own pizza!

– Lau 3 in the so-called “death room,” because I look around me and I know I am not alone is this misery!

– Understanding dog language. Jack and J.J. definitely want you to vote for me!


Anebi Adoga Jr. (COL ’16)New South Hall/VCW

– I am running because I feel that I have already received so much from Georgetown, and I want to do my part to give back to all the Hoyas who have made my life here outstanding. I want to make Georgetown truly a home away from home and to rally my class to do anything that it puts its mind to. I am running because, simply put, Georgetown has shown love for me, and I want to show the love back.

– My goals will be to organize more student functions, to set up counseling for new students and to make campus services like Leo’s run smoothly. My goal is to help all of my class to work with each other to get the most out of Georgetown.

– The biggest challenges we face stem from a lack of good service. The food tends to get old; the machines in Leo’s do not always work. Next, the showers in the some bathrooms are terrible.

– Give me your vote, and I will give you my best.

– I love the double hamburger.

– Healy Hall (like the grand staircase).

– The ability to fly.


Megan Murday (SFS ’15)VCE

– I am running for GUSA senate because I have a passion and love for Georgetown. GUSA is an extremely important instrument to voice the concerns of students, and I want to represent the interests of VCE in order to improve our campus community.

– If elected, my top three goals for the term would include reforming dining options, restructuring the maintenance response system and providing more study space for all Georgetown students. Our dining hall needs to reflect student input by increasing food options, quality and availability. I would also work to reform the maintenance system in order to speed up the response time for work requests. Since academics are a point of pride for Georgetown, our students also need more comfortable and accessible study space on campus.

– The biggest challenge the Georgetown student body currently faces is not having their voices heard by the administration. As a GUSA senator, I would represent student voices in issues pertinent to the improvement of our Georgetown experience. More reforms are needed to help diminish bureaucratic barriers for students.

– Your voice heard.

– Enchiladas from the vegetarian section.

– Anywhere but Lau.

– My superpower would be omnipresence — I am always on the move!


Jenny Chen (SFS ’16)New South Hall/VCW

– I am running for GUSA senate to represent New South and Village C West because what matters to every Hoya matters to me. In order to perform at our best at Georgetown, our hopes and desires need to be not only heard but also acted upon quickly and realized. This is where I come into play. I believe that I am the best candidate for this position because I know exactly how to get things done quickly and efficiently. I would stay connected with the student body at all times, ensure that all student voices will be heard and respond to all problems as soon as possible. Most importantly, my passion and determination would fuel every minute on the job, because representing my fellow students is one of biggest aspirations. Vote for me to represent New South and Village C West to help me help you! You can count on me to be the change you want to see happen!

– I’ll make Georgetown University a more budget-friendly campus so that students of all income levels can purchase goods without worrying about financial cost. I’ll make Leo’s a place to eat great food (and not just ice cream and/or fro-yo). I’ll make grab ’n’ go available on weekends. I’ll make campus more environmentally sustainable (recycling bins in individual dorm rooms!). I’ll convince the Student Health Center to stay open 24/7 to better cater to the needs of students.

– Georgetown University does not cater to the quality of food that Georgetown students deserve for attending such a prestigious and renowned university. Leo’s truly needs to improve both the range and quality of food available so that all students may feel that they are getting their money’s worth. It is unfair for students to be charged such exorbitant prices to enter Leo’s just to leave feeling unsatisfied.

– I’m the change.

– The vanilla frozen yogurt in a cone with chocolate drizzles and chocolate sprinkles! It’s the reason I still go to Leo’s.

– Lau 4 and occasionally 2 (for those really necessary study breaks and awesome coffee at Midnight Mug).

– The power to fly!


Lawrence Slusky (COL ’14)Village A

– I want to have an impact on our great school. Students need to have a voice on campus, and I look forward to the opportunity to represent that — to represent us.

– My biggest goals in GUSA would be improving food on campus, enhancing housing operations and promoting campus safety. Most importantly, I will reach out to students to address the issues crucial to them.

– Time. Only 24 hours in a day?! Thanks a lot, Hipparchus.

– Think outside the box.

– Mac and cheese. Who can resist pasta drenched in cheesy goo?

– The living room couch: an awesome bed-armchair hybrid, providing quick access to junk food and distraction.

– Flight. Why? Because I’m scared of heights. What better way to get over it than to conquer it?

Mike Mezzino (MSB ’15) — Southwest Quad

– I went to Leo’s and decided something had to be done about it.

– In the words of Coldplay: Let’s “Fix You,” Leo’s.

– Justice.

– Let’s fix Leo’s.

– Make-your-own pizza (RIP).

– Uncommon Grounds

– Batman


Nicholas Fedyk (SFS ’14)At-Large

– Georgetown is a wonderful institution, but we cannot turn a blind eye to the issues that need to be addressed. Whenever there are problems with food, facilities, technology or finances, the “Georgetown experience” is at stake. I want to make sure that students experience the best four years of their life on this campus. Instead of standing on the outside looking in, I want to be at the center of that change that affects us all on a daily basis. I love Georgetown too much to stand by when there are problems unresolved.

– My goals are ultimately dependent on the interests of the student body, and I promise to interact daily with my fellow Hoyas to gauge their interests and needs. Three goals that need immediate attention are: relaxing restrictions on flex dollars, consolidating events emails and countering ARAMARK/Leo’s “We Hear You” initiative with a student petition for better service. The goals are discussed in greater detail at

– Money; overpriced meal plans, overpriced bookstore and routine charges like laundry, TV/cable and penal conduct fees can add up to quite a bill.

– Real practical solutions.

– Moe’s pasta (another ARAMARK problem — they moved Moe to the stir-fry station this year!).

– Anywhere outside, especially the observatory.

– Big hops, so that I could make the basketball team!


Matthew Fried (COL ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– To best represent my friends in Darnall and Harbin Halls.

– My goals revolve around making freshman year and the general student experience better by removing barriers of all forms on campus and creating a better student interface. I also hope to expedite the removal of the construction on campus and their accompanying fences that by their positioning disrupt the bond shared between Darnall and Harbin Halls.

– Our largest problem as a student body is the lack of tolerance of the Georgetown administration and our neighborhood co-residents to student life around campus. Also, the oppressive fences.

– No more fences.

– Chocolate chip cookie at the bottom of a bowl of ice cream.

– Inside Regents Hall, looking out across campus.

– Psychokinesis, especially over chain-link fences.


Amin Gharad (COL ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– After trying to identify ways I could become meaningfully involved on campus as someone new to the Georgetown community, I concluded that serving the student body through the vehicle of student government was one of the most effective ways I could hope to get involved right off the bat. Directing my time and energy through the many avenues provided by GUSA appears to be one of the most effective ways in which I can hope to make a positive contribution to the Georgetown community, even as just a newly embraced member of the university. During my high school years, I found that some of the most rewarding of my efforts were spent working to engage administrators in light of needs expressed by the student body. I hope to be able to serve Georgetown students in a similar fashion during my first year here on campus.

– At the moment, I have two personal projects that I would like to work on over the course of this year. Firstly, strive to improve shower facilities across campus. I’m not sure about you, but I think students deserve to be able to have any needed trays and hooks inside individual shower stalls to hold basic showering necessities. We don’t pay this much money to have to perform a circus act of shampoo and bar soap placement for the sake of not having to put such items directly on the dirty ground. Not acceptable. Secondly, make kosher meat options at Leo’s a reality.

– Given that I am new to the Georgetown community, I do not honestly think I have the knowledge to state what the biggest, grandest challenge is that students face. However, from the little personal experience I have thus far, I’d say it’s a tie between (fearless) rats occupying campus and sub-par showering facilities.

– Cleanliness is beautiful.


Randy Puno (COL ’16)New South Hall/VCW

– I’ve never been student body president or anything like that, but I know that I’m a good follower. And I think being a senator is more about following what the students want than leading them to do something you want. I’m just an eager kid from the Philippines, ready to take on the challenge of listening to others and voicing out their concerns.

– I hope to come up with a checklist of problems that need to be addressed from my constituency and tackle every single one. Simple as that. It’s about what the Hoyas want, and my job would be to make sure their voices are heard.

– I think right now, it’s a lack of much of a say in the matter. I feel as if we only ever participate after the administration gets done with its plans. Especially as freshmen, we should feel more involved in, or at least more aware of, all steps of the process.

– Be your buddy. 😀

– A bacon double cheeseburger with a tomato, two pickles, a fried egg from the egg station and tater tots smothered in ketchup on the side.

– The cubicle next to the power outlet at Lau. I could stay there for hours.

– To have control over time!


Dan Silkman (COL ’15)Copley Hall

– To break down university bureaucracy.

– To improve ways for groups to reserve space, to advocate for more student space on campus and to contribute to all activities, programs and initiatives that enhance student life at Georgetown.

– Understanding and navigating university bureaucracy.

– Insight, patience, collaboration.

– Anything from the omelet station.

– Regents 3, under the stairs.

– Teleportation.


Sam Greco (SFS ’15)Southwest Quad

– I am running for re-election to GUSA senate because although we have made great strides in recent years, there is still good work to be done. Whenever I talk to my fellow classmates about what they want from their school, I hear the same thing over and over again: They feel as if the Georgetown administration is willing to pursue its own goals even at the expense of the undergraduates. To me, there could not be a greater problem. GUSA acts as the primary check and balance on the university, and it is our job to make sure that students are a top priority and chief consideration in all decisions the administration makes. While we have achieved great progress in recent years making changes and increasing transparency to the benefit of students, there is still more that needs to be done, and I am running for re-election to GUSA senate to see to it that it is done.

– While I have many goals I’d like to accomplish if given another term in GUSA senate, my top priority is always whatever my fellow classmates need most at that moment. That being said, some things I think would improve the daily life of students significantly would be to change the requirements of renting from the Zipcar fleet to allow all students 18 and older access to them. I have fought for and will continue to work to improve the quality and quantity of food options offered to students on Georgetown’s campus. Furthermore, I think the student body would greatly benefit from additional GUTS routes, perhaps to Foggy Bottom and downtown. On an administrative level, I think it is imperative that we continue to pressure the university to adopt the changes to the Code of Student Conduct that the Disciplinary Review Committee passed and GUSA endorsed last semester. I also think that an unnecessary level of bureaucracy exists in the administration that hampers both students and student groups and costs them unnecessary time and money, something I hope to cut down on if re-elected.

– I think that the biggest challenge currently facing the student body is the administrative restrictions and bureaucracy that regulate everything from how clubs can spend their own money to how Georgetown students can socialize on the weekends. Not only do these regulations cost students and student groups’ valuable time and money, they often lead to unjust and unnecessary disciplinary action upon students who were victimized by unfair or unclear rules.

– Let’s do better.

– Grilled chicken sandwich from The Diner.

– The cubicles by Midnight Mug on Lau 2.

– To be able to fly, definitely.


Tim Rosenberger (COL ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– Believe I would be the best advocate for all students at Georgetown and could deliver tangible results that improve campus life.

– Make Zipcars available to 18-year-olds. Improve dining options at Leo’s. Find ways to cut costs and make college more affordable. Work with administration to improve university endowment.

– The biggest challenge we face is complacency. Georgetown is wonderful, but there is always room for improvement. We seek to do even more to promote justice in our communities, improve student life and create fairer rules and clearer expectations for students.

– Cars, food, money.

– Chicken paprika or margherita pizza.

– Hoya Court for FOCIan Monday Fundays.

– Invisibility.


Max Harris (COL ’15)LXR Hall

– To create a working dialogue between the residents of LXR and GUSA.

– To listen to and cooperate with the residents of LXR, procure a new grab ’n’ go location and generally get things done!

– Current problems include at food at Leo’s and a lack of dialogue with the administration.

– Change, dependability, success.

– Ummm … 😉

– Lau 2.

– Definitely having the ability to go back in time, if that counts!

Will Simons (COL ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– I am running for GUSA senate because I believe that the students should have a greater and more active voice in the daily operations at Georgetown. I also want to have the students’ desires accurately portrayed and represented.

– If elected, I aim to increase GUSA’s transparency and outreach. I also plan to continue the efforts of last year’s senate by facilitating on-campus parties, giving students new opportunities and giving students more rights within our community (like the referendum to be voted on next Thursday suggests).

– The biggest challenge our student body faces is the lack of control they have with respect to certain opportunities and the overwhelming presence of red tape throughout many processes at Georgetown.

– Student voice matters.

– Either the stuffed baked potatoes or chicken finger Thursday!

– The lounge facing the Potomac on Lau 4.

– Definitely the ability to fly.


Jack Manning (COL ’15)Southwest Quad

– I was on the GUSA executive outreach committee last year and want to bring my experience to the senate.

– Reforming Leo’s is my main goal. I would like to get more study space, including outlets in Regents.

– Code of Student Conduct.

– Leo’s reform soon.

– Chicken fingers.

– MSB booth.

– I would want to fly.


Benjamin Weiss (COL ’15)Henle Village

– Continue fighting to make tangible improvements in student life.

– Finish the Code of Student Conduct changes we’ve been working on since last year.

– Making sure our voices are heard as the campus plan is enacted.

– Make things better.

– The stir fry station: gone but not forgotten.

– MSB breakout rooms.

– Getting people to care about GUSA.


Harry Metz (MSB ’15)Alumni Square/Nevils

– I think that the students need a larger voice in university affairs. I also feel that my no-nonsense attitude and determination to get things done will help me succeed.

– I want to streamline the classroom booking for students along with technology booking. Why is this a separate system, and why isn’t it centralized across the entire university? I find it incredibly frustrating that I need to book technology and classrooms separately, along with the fact that I cannot book all rooms on one system.

– I think that the amount of bureaucracy is outrageous. If a new student wants to propose anything new such as a club or idea for the university, it takes forever. The administration either does not want change or is understaffed, and I can tell it’s not the latter, since I get daily emails from people in positions that I have never heard of. We need to cut down the red tape associated with starting anything new at Georgetown.

– Larger student voice.

– Sadly, this year I do not have a favorite Leo’s dish, since they have decided to dedicate the wrap station resources elsewhere.

– Lau 1.

– Flying … duh.


Eddie “E.Bae” Bae (NHS ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– I believe it is an interesting way to get involved within my hall and in the district, and overall, in the Georgetown University community.

– To be the leader who is willing to listen to every individual’s concerns and to pursue the wishes of the student body.

– I don’t think there is a certain significant challenge the student body faces. What I believe is a challenge is the fact that many of the individual student concerns aren’t clearly voiced.

– Spontaneous, entertaining and earnest.

– Tacos.

– Leavey, right outside of Cosi.


Shweta Wahal (SFS ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– I genuinely want our Georgetown experience to be the most thrilling and fulfilling four years of our lives, and I believe I can best fulfill this goal as a GUSA senator.

– Regular meet-and-greets for student suggestions in Darnall and Harbin. Creating a more efficient way for campus news to be more accessible to students in Darnall and Harbin. Fixing “the water problem” at Leo’s.

– I think a big challenge for us is finding a way to take advantage of the awesome opportunities in D.C. while also making the most of what Georgetown has to offer on campus. There is simply too much to do, but too little time!

– Betta vote Shweta!

– French toast or pasta, though it’s likely that the long wait for it makes it taste better than it actually is.

– It would definitely be Healy Lawn when the sun is out!

– To be able to control time (stop, fast-forward, or relive it)


Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson (SFS ’14)At-Large

– I want the students’ voice to be listened to, not just heard. “Hearing” requires no action. “Listening” is putting action behind that which has been told to you.

– To make the administration aware of the needs of the students, rather than the administration making policies that are not beneficial to the students. Another goal is to make this year awesome!

– Not having an outlet to get their voice listened to, which is what I hope to change.

– “Think it, do it, DONE.” Not really three words, but if you need three, then “Think, do, DONE.”

– Really anything from Stacey’s Station. She’s awesome! Her sushi is the bomb!

– Sadly, Lau. … I live there.

– Not really a superpower, but I would LOVE to be an air bender like the ones from “Avatar,” the Nickelodeon cartoon series!


Heather Artinian (COL ’15)Copley Hall

– I’m running for GUSA senate because I love the idea of student government and want to be involved. I want to help communicate the students’ interests and concerns to GUSA and then do something about it.

– I have some goals for my term in GUSA if I am lucky enough to be elected. I hope to help, improve and promote better student dining choices (especially at Leos), sustainability at Georgetown, better transportation, et cetera.

– I feel that there should be a better communication/understanding relationship between the students and the administrators, which would enable the administrators to understand the lifestyle of students better and appropriately adjust policies toward it.

– Students are important.

– It used to be pasta with my preferences of mushrooms, onions and pesto …

– Lau 2 cubicles!

– Ability to teleport.

Andrew Markel (SFS ’15)Alumni Square/Nevils

– To continue the work that I started last year as a senator and to do all that I can to make Georgetown a better school, community and home for us all.

– Fix Leo’s. Sustainability and green projects. Emphasize the wants and needs of the student body to university administrators. Work with Clara and Vail (our GUSA president and vice president) to make real progress. Support any other initiatives that the student body finds pressing and important.

– Finding an effective way to make our voices heard and to see the results that we want.

– Determination, commitment, progress.

– Omelet station (even if I have an hour to wait for it).

– Healy Lawn.

– Making lines at Leo’s disappear.


Billy Bowers (COL ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– I have always loved student government and want to increase the rights of students on campus. I also feel like I am the most patriotic candidate on the ballot.

– I want to increase the voice of the students of Georgetown by increasing communication between students and senators. To prove that I want to increase communication, my number is (702) 882-0116, I live in Harbin 923 and my email is [email protected] Students, feel free to send me your ideas, and I will bring them forth in the senate meetings.

– The biggest challenge currently faced by students is the dining experience at Georgetown. Leo’s is in need of some major improvements, and I want to fight for a better dining experience.

– Honest, personal, America.

– Although there are not many great dishes, the classic chicken finger Thursday is my favorite meal at Georgetown.

– The Leavey Esplanade is my number-one study spot.

– My superpower would be teleportation so I wouldn’t have to walk up all the flights of stairs at Georgetown.


Elizabeth “Lizzy” Oh (SFS ’15)Copley Hall

– Copley Hall has an amazing range of students: We have our basketball players, the Global Living Community and the French floor, just to categorize a few, so it’s a really dynamic and lively dorm. Besides, it looks the best. But actually, it would be an honor to represent all the students who live in Copley that are passionate about so many different aspects of life and to be able to bring that to the GUSA senate team.

– Revamp old school websites like MyAccess and housing, so that they are visually encompassing and user friendly. Push for a greater understanding of diversity on campus. Create a green energy incentive system, so that those who save energy are rewarded and can use the rewards to further our green energy projects or better their dorm life. Lack of enough space for study, meetings, performances and our extracurricular activities.

– Diversity. Initiation. Dedication.

– Late-night slob.

– Blommer Library!

– To heal.


Nate Tisa (SFS ’14)Village A

– Organize the student body into a unit that can demand the rights and respect we deserve as adults and full members of this community.

– Continuity. We’re all here for so short a period of time that most major changes students need and deserve are never fully implemented. Administrators think they can outlast us. GUSA, in particular, needs to focus on passing this experience, knowledge and ideas on to future generations. As the vice speaker last year, I created bylaws that do just that. Now it’s time to whip up some change.

– Fight the good fight.

– Hahahahahahaha.

– Village A rooftops.

– The ability to stop time.


Dan McCusker (COL ’16)New South Hall/VCW

– I’m running for the GUSA senate because I’m personable and can effectively communicate the concerns and comments of the student body to GUSA in order to make the campus experience a more enjoyable and fulfilling one for all students.

– Here are a few goals I hope to accomplish if elected to GUSA. Increase student influence in dining options, including a suggestion box at Leo’s. These comments would preferably go not only to Leo’s and the university, but to Aramark as well. Represent the interests of the music program and create more opportunities for concerts and performances open to all students, such as a battle of the bands! Help make the showers in the residence halls more hygienic. Reduce litter around campus and work towards sustainability, including supporting green energy and recycling initiatives. Bring any and all student ideas to GUSA and guarantee that the student voice is represented!

– I think a huge challenge we, the student body, face on campus is a lack of influence and choice when it comes to our dining decisions.

– Dan’s your man!

– My favorite dish at Leo’s is pasta with garlic, peppers and red sauce from the pasta bar.

– My favorite place to study on campus is near the serene pond next to White-Gravenor.

– If I had the choice, my superpower would definitely be super-elasticity.


Mariel Jorgensen (COL ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– I was involved in student government in high school, and I love having a tangible effect on the place where we all study and socialize and, in college, live. I love working with people, and I think GUSA will be a great way not only to get to know my fellow freshman but to meet upperclassmen who are working to better our campus.

– If elected senator, I would like to focus on any issue deemed important by the student body, but I have a particular interest in improving some of the dining issues on campus such as Leo’s health violations and burdensome meal plans that don’t allow unused meals to roll over. Apart from that, I’m up for taking on any project that is important to my classmates and constituents.

– I have only been a part of this fabulous student body for about a month, so my experience is limited. Despite this, I would say our biggest challenge is the challenge that faces almost all college campuses with a tradition of excellence: balancing the social, extra-curricular, academic and occupational life of students, or at least providing circumstances in which students can do this effectively. I want to help make Georgetown life run better, whether that’s helping clubs with funding, events or representation or amending the conduct or honor code to make it more fair.

– Work. Study. Party!

– The baked mac and cheese. No contest.

– Sellinger Lounge — near the coffee!

– To fly!


Stephanie Estevez (COL ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– I’d like to ensure that not only my constituents but also the Class of 2016’s concerns and suggestions are recognized and taken seriously in GUSA.

– As of now, one of my main priorities is to add more variety to the Leo’s menu. Eating tacos every day isn’t as fun as I expected.

– Aside from Leo’s “rush hour” options on weekends between 7 and 8 p.m., It seems like there is a disconnect between the student body and the administration.

– Tacos!

– Harbin laundry room.

– Perpetual energy!


Abby Cooner (SFS ’16)New South Hall/VCW

– I’m running for GUSA because I want to be able to speak up on behalf of students and work to improve issues with student life. I would be able to represent a wide range of perspectives because I’m really outgoing, and I’m involved with organizations like club sports, a tutoring program and an on-campus job. If I am elected to GUSA senate, I would be able to represent the interests of students in these organizations and others. Not to mention, I would be able to represent the two best dorms on campus, New South and VCW!

– I would love to have the opportunity to serve on the senate Committee for Student Life, which addresses everything from policies that affect us as students to problems with Wi-Fi to making the best of the spaces we have here on campus for events.

– The Wi-Fi in New South is notoriously horrible, and Wi-Fi is actually something that the Committee for Student Life deals with! This is definitely a problem I would address if I were elected to GUSA.

– Better Wi-Fi Now!

– Nothing gets better than the panini press in Leo’s. At least, nothing in Leo’s does.

– The lower levels of Lau are where I usually go!

– Flying!


Max Malec (COL ’15)Southwest Quad

– I simply love the Hilltop and would like to be involved in an organization that takes into account my suggestions and the suggestions of my peers to work toward creating a university that is built more around the interests of the student body.

– Allow for more funding for club and intramural sports. Allocate money toward initiatives that promote more study and student lounge areas around campus. Make it easier for students to create new on-campus organizations.

– Quick accessibility to friends that live in dorms other than your own. 10 p.m. is far too early for residence halls to require your friends to come down from their rooms to sign you in. Sometimes I don’t start homework until after 10, depending upon my schedule.

– Community, advocacy, integrity.

– Rib-cake, a concoction of three short ribs topping a slice of chocolate cake.

– Lau 1, but I’m leaning more toward the Einstein Bros. in Regents these days …

The ability to transform into any animal.


Kevin Kimes (COL ’16)New South Hall/VCW

– I’m very personable and friendly, very much into being the guy that people can turn to when they need to voice a concern or talk about a problem they’re facing. I’m ready to take that to the next level by being a Freshman South representative. Also, if you’ve seen my flyers … enough said.

– Increase communication between GUSA senators and their constituencies so GUSA can in turn be a better voice for the people when dealing with the administration and greater Georgetown community. I think this would best be done through periodic, informal discussions in places like dorm common rooms. It’s YOUR student government. We should come to YOU.

– The need to update/renovate several buildings on campus and the need for leadership in working with the administration in dealing with the issue of on-campus vs. off-campus partying.

– Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica.

– Pasta, hands down.

– LL in Lau … nobody’s ever down there.

– I can already read my own mind…why would I need another?


Ricardo “Ricky” Dira (COL ’16)Harbin/Darnall Halls

– It would look good on my resume.

– Paper towels in the bathrooms.

– Electing me to the GUSA senate.

– I love Georgetown.

– Does the Coke Freestyle Machine count as a dish?

– Yates.

– I don’t need superpowers because I’m so awesome.


Nolan DiConti (COL ’15)Southwest Quad

– Every day, we all notice little problems and nuisances around campus. With inexpensive adjustments, our campus experience could be dramatically improved. I am running for GUSA senate because I genuinely think that making some easy changes can make a big difference for the general welfare of the Georgetown student body, thus working to make our campus a better home away from home.

– As I have spoken with many students around campus, the most frequently raised issues include the huge lack of field space for intramurals and club sports. We have teams that frequently have to practice at absurd hours because of our lack of resources. Secondly, the limited swiping freedom we are given for food. We should be allowed to openly use swipes for guests or friends and not be limited to only two guest swipes per semester. The final issue I would like to address in the senate is the lack of GUTS buses available on weekends. Students should have around-the-clock access to the Metro, thus making D.C. a more available playground.

– Of course, right now, the most relevant and controversial concern for our student body is voting on the referendum: Clear. Convincing. Fair. The “more likely than not” evidentiary standard is unjust toward all of us, and I am happy so say I will be voting ‘Yes!’ in order to make our disciplinary system fair.

– Be the difference.

– Those sandwiches they make downstairs are always my go-to spot.

– MSB, when I can get in. … Which is another issue I’d like to bring up in GUSA.

– Time manipulation so that I can sleep longer and never be late to class.


Joseph Laposata (COL ’16)New South Hall/VCW

– I’m running because I have legitimate concerns over the New South Student Center, which will be built in our district. In my term, I hope to make at least one key change, namely, that the 18-plus bar be available to all Georgetown students instead of punishing the few 17-year-olds who manage to graduate early. We won’t be freshmen when this is built, but this is about fairness. Georgetown has had some issues with fairness, which is why you are also voting on a referendum to amend the Code of Student Conduct, but we can change that this election.

– Georgetown for all. Even freshmen — even young freshmen. No Georgetown student should have unequal access to his school.

– Anything at The Wok, simply because I get to use chopsticks.

– New South 4 common room, so feel free to visit and ask about my platform!

– Hypnosis. If I could convince everybody I met to think my way, there wouldn’t be any problems in the first place!

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