For those students not enrolled in the McDonough School of Business, late-night entry woes to the Hariri Building could soon be a thing of the past.

The Georgetown University Student Association Senate signed off on a proposal that calls for a change in policy so students from Georgetown’s other schools would have access to the Hariri building – a popular on-campus study spot – after 10 p.m. Currently, non-MSB students are barred entry after this time, unless an MSB student can help by swiping his or her approved GOCard to access the building.

Co-sponsored by the GUSA Academic Affairs Committee, the resolution states that the MSB is the only building on campus that is completely accessible to students of one school, but not the others.

During Sunday’s GUSA meeting in Healy Hall, Senator Nathaniel Tisa (SFS ’14) introduced the resolution to the greater senate body.

The bill specifically brings up the issue of security. If a Georgetown student from any school other than the MSB is in the vicinity of the Hariri building after 10 p.m. and needs to enter the building in accordance with a security procedure, he or she will not be able to do so.

“I am hoping the resolution can allow us to make headway against an inconvenient policy,” Tisa said, who also discussed the steps necessary to put the plan into action.

“Once we start meeting with the right administrators, such as the dean of the MSB, I’m pretty confident we will reach an understanding,” Tisa added.

GUSA senators were receptive to this bill, and voted it in unanimously.

“This bill is an important first step to opening an important academic resource to all students. Implementation [of the bill] is key, and I have great confidence in the Academic Affairs Committee to advance it,” GUSA Senate Speaker Adam Mortillaro (COL ’12) said.

The bill also cites the computer terminals and breakout rooms reserved for students in the business school. Though these can still be limited to use by the MSB students, the bill suggests the open lounges and lobbies not slated for MSB use exclusively be open to all students throughout the entire day.

The senate requested that the university “amend business school policy to allow for more equitable and uniform utilization of the building by all students while maintaining the availability of specialized rooms and terminals for the students that require them.”

Students are reacting favorably to the possibility.

“That would be so perfect,” said Aarohi Vora (COL ’14) who says she does most of her studying after 8 p.m. anyway. “After a certain hour I need to get away from my bedroom and the MSB is the¬†perfect place to do it.”

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