The first annual Healey Family Student Center Concert took place Friday evening, with YouTube star Phoebe Ryan performing as the headlining professional act.

Other acts included performances from Daniel Breland (MSB ’17), Teddy Schaffer (COL ’16) and student band Faces for Radio, who volunteered to perform at the event.

Approximately 140 Georgetown students attended the free event in the Great Room of the HFSC to hear the live performances, which began at 10 p.m.

The event was organized by the HFSC Program Funds after a university-wide survey last year showed that students would like to see more live music at the venue. Student managers of the HFSC were also involved in the planning and development of the concert.

The concert was free for all Georgetown students, and attendees were allowed to bring one extra guest to the event.

HFSC Activities Director Patrick Ledesma said that the building management wanted to provide on-campus entertainment for students on weekends.

“I think to have an avenue for students to come out of the residence halls is super important,” Ledesma said. “We value academics wholly at this university, but there’s also a fun side, and what I want to do is to be able to use this new building to show that there is a great space for students. We want to have this social avenue to collaborate, relax, and socialize.”

According to Ledesma, Ryan’s status as an up-and-coming independent artist was a quality that the HFSC programming division considered when selecting her.

“We found the artist by staying on top of trends, and also really trying to find out who is on the cusp of becoming big,” Ledesma said. “I would love to see who is out there that would really love to break out.”

The concert was part of the building management’s initiative to increase programming, which includes both small- and large-scale events. Prior to the concert, the HFSC also hosted a live band karaoke event last week and a carnival-themed birthday celebration for the building’s first anniversary.

Schaffer said that hosting events such as the HFSC Concert is important for campus life.

“I think it’s awesome that they’re doing this,” Schaffer said. “It’s a good way to use the space at the HFSC. It brings a lot of artsy vibes to campus.”

Ethan Beaman (COL ’16), the guitarist of Faces for Radio, praised the event for its musical diversity and said that his band would enjoy playing at the HFSC again.

“I thought the event had really good energy, with a nice variety in musical talent,” Beaman said. “Daniel Breland had a cool ‘Frank Ocean’ vibe. … I was really proud of our performance as well.”

The main act was Phoebe Ryan, a 25-year-old Los Angeles-based singer who studied as an audio engineering and production student at New York University before composing her own songs.

Despite having released only two original songs, as well as a popular cover of R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and Miguel’s “Do You,” Ryan has amassed over one million plays on SoundCloud.

The HFSC hopes to increase publicity for its upcoming events by getting more co-sponsors, as well as receiving more student feedback. Ledesma contacted the newly founded student-run record label Clock Hand Records after the event to express his interest in a partnership.

Students at the event said that they enjoyed the music and the intimacy of the performances.

Lydia Bubniak (SFS ’18) said that she hopes the HFSC will hold similar concerts in the future.

“The concert was great due to the intimacy the crowd was able to have with the audience,” Bubniak said. “I hope Georgetown is able to organize more events like these for students who really appreciate live music.”


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