MEAGAN KELLY/THE HOYA Mike Meaney (SFS '12) and Greg Laverriere (COL'12)
Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Greg Laverriere (COL’12)

Calen Angert and I, Jason Kluger, both wholeheartedly endorse Mike Meaney (SFS ’12) and Greg Laverriere (COL ’12) for the positions of Georgetown University Student Association president and vice president. I’ve grown to know Mike and Greg both personally and professionally over the past two years, and I wanted to explain in personal terms why I am supporting them. I write this first as a student, and second as the current GUSA vice president. In my role over the course of the past two years, I’ve learned a lot about what GUSA can and cannot do for Georgetown students. I’ve witnessed GUSA challenge the status quo by bringing sweeping changes to the funding process to ensure that student money is spent in the most effective, transparent and responsible way. I’ve seen GUSA improve the Career Center, off-campus housing, student life, student space, student safety and the Student Code of Conduct. I’ve also seen GUSA fail and disappoint its constituents. I’ve seen students get involved because they were more interested in adding a line to their resume than in serving their peers. Their lack of desire to truly serve stifles creativity. They are afraid to think outside the box, they are afraid to lock horns with the administration and most importantly, they are afraid to take a risk. In the last two years, however, these sorts of students have been transitioned out of GUSA and been replaced by leaders willing to step up to the plate. These new leaders have proven willing to stand up against the winds of popular opinion and do what is right for the students of Georgetown. Two leaders stand out in this transformation to the new GUSA: Mike Meaney and Greg Laverriere. Mike and Greg have been involved in every major improvement that GUSA has undertaken since Calen and I were elected two years ago. Mike is an intelligent, thoughtful leader who is committed to service. As the chief policy adviser in GUSA, he helped establish the GUSA Fund, sustain the GUSA Summer Fellows program, re-initiate the Collegiate Readership program and develop the subsidized LSAT program. In addressing problems on campus, his innovation has truly been unparalleled. His partner, Greg, is truly a leader committed to action. He is the guy who gets things done. This past fall, SAFE Reform was the top priority for GUSA. We had an opportunity to bring about one momentous improvement to student life by injecting hundreds of thousands of dollars into activities funding, thereby elevating campus activities to an unprecedented level. Greg was the man leading this charge. He has demonstrated an incredible ability to organize and implement. The senators of GUSA chose Greg to lead this initiative, the GUSA Executive supported him and the student body benefited from his efforts. I strongly urge all students to vote for Mike Meaney and Greg Laverriere. With authority I can say that their platform is by far the most extensive and realistic. They have a plan to implement large and small sustainable initiatives that address issues in both the short and long term. Some run to raise awareness of a single issue. Others run for their resume. Mike Meaney and Greg Laverriere are running because nobody else can ensure that GUSA continues to serve the needs of the students better than them. Progress, not regress, Georgetown — Vote Meaney-Laverriere on Thursday. Jason Kluger is the outgoing GUSA vice president and a senior in the Business School.

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