As spring break approaches with winter firmly entrenched in Washington, D.C., midterms are here to provide some seasonal reliability. A time of stress, tears and late-night coffee binges in Lau, it is difficult to contemplate an end to these trials; but take heart, young Hoyas, for hope — and your GPA — are not yet lost.

Realistically, it may be a bit late in the game to give advice for planning ahead that might have any real effect, besides irritating some more procrastination-prone readers.

Instead, here are some coping mechanisms to keep in mind while you weather the final days until spring break:
Although the stress of getting through the review material for a test or reaching a paper’s minimum word count may seem all-consuming, it is important to periodically take a step back, breathe deeply and appreciate how lucky we all are to be suffering together at one of the greatest universities in the country.

You may feel like you need to grab that third Leo’s brownie and wash it down with chocolate milk just to get through your stressful day. You don’t. Maybe grab some unripe Leo’s fruit. It might not seem like the tastiest option, but if your vitamin-starved, caffeine-dependent body could thank you, it probably would.

It’s also beneficial to your mental and physical health to find the time for some nice, refreshing exercise. You could take a run to the monuments, or possibly to the nearest snack machine.

Alternatively, you could make the trip to Yates and play some basketball, lift weights or pedal monotonously on a stationary bike while watching silent TVs with subtitles.

Hopefully at least some of this advice is helpful. Although midterms are one of the least enjoyable parts of the Georgetown experience, remember that they will all be over before you know it.

Then, when everything’s over, you can get excited for finals.

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