The Georgetown women’s soccer team snapped its two-game losing streak on Saturday with a 2-1 victory over the Eagles of American University. With eleven minutes remaining in the contest, junior midfielder Analucia Gutierrez netted the match winner with a volley from twenty yards out, giving the Hoyas their first non-league win of the season. “[The team] wanted to win bigtime,” said Head Coach Leonel Popol. “We did a tremendous job today because we all worked together.” Taking the field for the first time since a 7-1 loss to Connecticut, the Hoyas dominated the field for the first fifteen minutes of play. Every loose ball was won by a white shirt, while sophomore Liz Delgado and freshman Barbara Torres seemed to toy with the opposing defenders. They would not, however, be able to make a difference on the scoreboard, and after the opening dominance, the Hoyas would find themselves evenly matched for the remainder of the game. Halftime arrived without neither team recording a goal, and the Hoyas were forced to extend their performance into the second half. This task has not proved easy for Georgetown this season, with a number of losses this season coming despite solid play in the first 45 minutes. Saturday’s outcome would be different. Torres, a forward, single-handedly rejuvenated the squad with Georgetown’s first shot of the half, in the 60th minute of play. After taking the ball off of a defender’s foot, Torres sprinted towards the American goal with only the goalie in her way. “Right when I stole the ball, I was thinking shot,” said Torres, who had a game-high six shots on the day, “I wanted to shoot low and in the corner.” Torres’s second goal of the season struck the side netting just inside the post, about an inch above the ground, giving the Hoyas a 1-0 lead. The remainder of the half would be a showcase for American forward Dina Padula. With experience on the national team and at the University of Virginia, Padula would take on two or three defenders and repeatedly come out with the ball. Her quickness and ball control created a number of offensive attacks for the Eagles, and in the 72nd minute, she set up the game-tying goal. After beating two defenders at the top of the box, Padula carried the ball to the goal line and sent in a driven cross. The ball deflected off of a Georgetown boot, landing in front of the net, where an American forward ??? knocked it in. Seven minutes later, the momentum would return to Georgetown’s favor when a corner kick bounced out to an awaiting Gutierrez. She ripped her first shot of the game out of the air and into the back of the net, leaving the American goal tender without a prayer of making the save. “Volleys are my favorite kind of shot,” Gutierrez said after the game. “We practiced a lot of shooting this week, and I think that helped all of us.” Saturday’s tally was Gutierrez’s first of the season, and her third career goal.

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