To the Editor:

I commend GUSA and The Hoya’s editorial board for speaking out against and seeking solutions regarding the injustice of unpaid internships. However, the problem runs deeper than just here at Georgetown. The entire practice of unpaid internships should be eliminated, not simply because unpaid work is unethical, but also because — as is the focus of your editorial — they give yet another advantage to students and aspiring professionals who come from families who have the means to support unpaid work.

One of the most astounding aspects of unpaid internships is that the domain in which they are among the most widespread is politics. The political world is supposed to equalize opportunities for American citizens, rather than provide such a blatant advantage for wealthy up-and-coming individuals to get their feet in the door through the unfair practice of unpaid internships.

I commend The Hoya Editorial board for addressing this topic, but it needs to go beyond simply providing a stipend for Georgetown students. We should all be seeking to end this system and provide wages for these employment opportunities. Students should speak up on the topic and conduct research that addresses the issue and potential solutions. And any alumni who are now in a hiring position should not further this unfair practice.

Nick Biggs-Chiropolos (COL ’18)


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