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The 14 priests named in this report lived and worked in all corners of our university — not lurking, but playing prominent roles in the academic, spiritual and moral development of thousands of Georgetown students. They were chaplains-in-residence and professors, friends and mentors, advisers and administrators: Their centrality to the Georgetown community cannot be overstated or forgotten.

Stronger than the influence of these 14 priests, though, is a nationwide community dedicated to the support and protection of survivors — and to preventing clerical abuse in the future. In writing and editing this report, we spoke to activists, journalists, lawyers, clergy and other experts, every one of whom was generous with their time and wisdom, not to mention courageous in their lifelong work.

Above all, those most worthy of our gratitude and praise are the thousands of survivors of sexual abuse in the church, the hundreds who have risked their livelihood to come forward and the many who trusted The Hoya to help tell their stories. In bringing to light the abuse they have suffered, these survivors have called on all of us to take better care of each other. We can only hope our work has properly reflected their strength and bravery.

Today, this story has 20,000 words, with many more to come. Whether you are a student, professor, minister, parent or alumnus, we invite you to share your reflections and frustrations as we in the Georgetown community grapple with the role our university has in the abuse crisis.

Thank you for your support in the past, present and future. And thank you for reading.


Will Simon

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  1. Former Hoya Editor says:

    I think this story is terrific journalism, but can’t help but notice that you continue to say “14 priests” when it is clearly 13 priests and one nun… a significant error. Can you correct this?

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