Most of you, or I hope most of you, have heard of Baked & Wired — the friendly, quirky alternative to Georgetown Cupcake. The rivalry for reputation of “best cupcake” in the Georgetown area’s cupcake market is relatively fabled here on campus; the best part about B & W, though, is that B & W tends to steer clear of the commercial hype of its M Street neighbor. During a busy, stressful week, B&W is a haven to D.C. locals seeking a fantastic cupcake, cup of coffee or just a few minutes away from the busy streets. Although the line can be long in the warmer months, the genuine, individual disposition of their staff, as well as the great variety of sweets and beverages, makes it my favorite place to visit.

Now some more good news: B&W is not just a place for coffee and homemade confections, it’s now become a destination for events. B&W hosts live music, poetry readings, displays local artists’ work and gives discounts to students.

To cater to my readers a little bit here, what do college students like the most? Fantastic items that won’t put a dent in your beer budget. B&W will be having a Discount Day for Georgetown students on Monday, Feb. 7,  offering a 21.4 percent discount (a $3.50 cupcake will be just $2.75) on their array of cupcakes, with a maximum of four cupcakes per student. With a deal like this, it’s hard for me to imagine a scenario where any Georgetown student could regret the walk down to Thomas Jefferson Street.

To switch gears from discounts to displays, B&W is also having both a poetry reading and live music in February. They’ll be sponsoring a poetry reading held by on Friday Feb. 11 at 8 p.m., now a monthly event. It will feature local poets, with a handful of amateurs thrown in for good measure, and will definitely be a cultural experience.

B&W will be hosting live music by Andrew Grossman & The Clipper Ship Friday, Feb. 18 at 7:30 p.m. Now, have I heard of them? No, never heard of them in my life. However, a night of live music is always fun, always interesting and always something to embrace. A folk band from College Park, Md., they are one of many local acts that will be featured in upcoming events.

Baked & Wired offers unique local, experiences, all wrapped up in its signature laid-back packaging. Be sure to check out some of their offerings this semester, whether that’s a German chocolate cupcake, poetry readings or art exhibits.

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