Canadian producer and artist MorMor played a packed show at Songbyrd on April 16, as part of the second leg of his tour. Despite finishing the first half of his tour in Europe just ten days prior, the Toronto-based singer showcased his talent as an upcoming indie-pop powerhouse with the star power to command any stage around the globe.

Duendita, a New York-based soul artist who released her newest EP earlier this year, shyly walked up to the microphone and began her vulnerable and spiritual set with an electronic vocal effects pad and beat sampler in hand. Personal and looping lyrics entranced the audience under the soothing yet striking hum of her voice. After Duendita finished her last song, only about five minutes passed before MorMor’s band members walked on stage.

Ambient sounds filled the room as each band member began to prepare for the show, looking down at their instruments with solemn facial expressions and minimal communication. As soon as MorMor quietly walked on stage, the drums kicked in and the first song began.

MorMor’s music draws heavily upon Dream Pop, a genre of psychedelic pop that features atmospheric sounds and meticulous production. The songs reflected these roots every time deep bass and groovy drum beats filled the venue or MorMor’s serene voice hovered gracefully over melodies with long sustained notes.

During “Whatever Comes To Mind,” MorMor let the band repeat the chorus more times than on the studio version. His fans followed the live changes and continued singing in unison, creating an intimate tension between audience and artist that heightened the impact of each lyric.

MorMor thrives in this suspenseful and attentive realm. When he allowed himself to fully venture into his quiet and soulful demeanor, the audience matched his relaxed and somber energy while still listening in anticipation of the next song.

As he began his song “Lost,” he crooned into the microphone and sang, “I can’t lay down / No, I can’t lay down / No, blow kisses to the sky till it comes down / Fade away, fade away.” MorMor’s obsession with trying to confront the intangible presented itself in his calculated, meditative manner of traveling around the stage which mirrored the wistfulness of his lyrics.

MORMOR/FACEBOOK | At Songbyrd, MorMor and opening act duendita both showcased their pensive and engaging music.

MorMor is not one for conversation on stage, propelling himself through each song and taking very little time to interact with the audience. This intense onstage focus isolated him from the rest of his band and created the space for himself to confront the emotions present in his music from the raised stage at Songbyrd.

The group seemed to prefer to stay focused on creating and maintaining the set’s ambience rather than showing off their individual musical skills, hardly making conversation or eye contact with one another. The drummer, while switching between a drum pad and a kit, rarely even looked up at the crowd. By avoiding a flashy performance, the show centered around the moody and ethereal music that has been making its way out of Toronto.

The band left the audience with a little taste of singer and producer MorMor’s plans for the future. Before leaving the small stage, MorMor looked out to the crowd and said that he would play an unreleased song from his upcoming project. In the live setting, the track blended elements of MorMor’s typical song structure with newer experimental drum lines and instrumental shifts, presenting a new and exciting direction in MorMor’s expanding discography.

The song relied on deep synths that resembled the experimental and trippy vibes of Mac Demarco’s work and left the audience hungry for more. As if ushering in a new era of hope and calm to his discography, MorMor shouted, “You get me” during the chorus.

MorMor’s future as a singer and performer looks promising with more tour dates and an upcoming release. MorMor will be finishing up his North American tour with some California dates in early May, but will be heading back to Europe in June.

MorMor left his audience in awe as he sauntered off the stage. His effortless performance of complex arrangements and vocal melodies proved that although MorMor may only have one EP to his name, he established himself at Songbyrd as a musical force to be reckoned with in the industry.

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