“How Come You Never Go There”



4 stars

Canadian indie songstress Feist has already garnered plenty of praise for her minimalist but poignant sound on her first few albums. “How Come You Never Go There” is a prime example of how Feist has improved her arrangements to include a stronger, practically arena-ready dynamic. Feist shows a truly confident presence in her music, and this song proves that her self-esteem is growing.

“Anthem for the Unwanted”

New Found Glory


1 star

On this song from New Found Glory’s  latest album, Jordan Pundik sings “I can’t believe we made it this far.”  With songs as dull as “Anthem for the Unwanted,” Pundik surely isn’t the only one holding that belief. New Found Glory may be singing songs from the heart, but it’s not the maturity you would expect from a group of 30-year-olds.

“Share the Moon”

The Indigo Girls

Beauty Queen Sister

4 stars

Yes, the Indigo Girls have been around for a long time — maybe too long for some. Nonetheless, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers are still able to create some truly insightful and beautifully melodic pieces. “Share the Moon” is a warm, slow-paced tune that is sure to give you an immediate sense of contentment.

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