“Heart in Your Heartbreak”

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart


4 stars

The Pains second album showcases its new, improved sound. Kip Bermans breathy, echoing voice gently drifts over a smooth and driving beat. A solid punk love song, “Heart in Your Heartbreak” has some very pleasant harmonies coupled with a slight edginess a la Smashing Pumpkins in “Today.” Not a bad effort at all for a still-young band.


“Screaming Bloody Murder”

Sum 41

Screaming Bloody Murder

3 stars

The song starts off slowly, with frontman Deryck Whibley crooning over a piano and bells. Then the song changes abruptly; the drums kick in, the guitar riff comes and the song takes off in furious, Sum 41 style. A good amount of screaming follows, a great guitar solo busts out and the song makes an abrupt change once again, ending just as it started. Im not a huge fan of the lyrics, but hey, Ive heard worse.


“I Got This”

Jennifer Hudson

I Remember Me

4 stars

The American Idol winner comes out with a new album, after having recently shed 80 pounds. She looks completely different, but she still sounds exactly the same powerful, full of emotion and incredibly soulful. Spicing up the song here and there with some gospel vigor, Hudson comes back to the spotlight, right where she belongs.

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