We were surprised and confused to come along your editorial, “Time to Rekindle Raillery” in Tuesday’s paper. First of all, we have no clue what “raillery” means, and due to our new closet-of-an-office space, we don’t have room for a dictionary. Regardless, we support lighting whatever it is on fire.

Next, we understand that there is a shortage of humor on campus and that this has hurt student morale. However, we believe that any hope students have of surviving midterms should be crushed like a Georgetown offensive lineman. There is something special about the collective fear and despair that occurs in the Beacon of Learning every night, and to lighten the mood would probably go against the university’s goals.

And yet The Georgetown Voice forces us to put out a page of humor every single week. It’s right there on Page 13, in between pages six and eight. We do this because of our loyal readership, who upon last tally, totaled seven students. Even the ever-watchful Hoya Editorial Board still found a way to ignore us. We haven’t felt this neglected since every member of the female gender failed to answer our calls.

But this raises new questions for us that have created an existential crisis of sorts. If no one reads our section, do we exist? The answer to this question probably explains the overlook.

Your critique of the Heckler’s disappearance is good also. Ever since the university took away their zero funding to begin with, it has been difficult for them to print physical copies.

Another thing we take offense to: your inferring that we are professional. How dare you!

And a piece of advice: Add a humor section. Give your cartoonists some freedom. Let your writers write whatever they want. Throw some humor into the columns or in the margins or captions. Give them some freedom, but keep them in line also. Lord knows that without our Editor-in-Chief checking in on what we write we’d probably have been hosts to a sit-in in our new office out in the fourth-floor Leavey hallway.

Rob Sapunor (MSB ’12)

Voice Page 13

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